Q:Does a new born panda have an umbilical cord?
A: All newborn giant pandas have umbilical cords just like mammals.While in its mother’s womb,the giant panda fetus obtains nutrients and oxygen via the umbilical cord.Immediately after birth,the mother panda bites off the umbilical cord and holds the cub close ti keep it warm.In captivity,veterinarians will disinfect the new born cub’s umbilical cord stump.After approximately 5-7 days,it will fall off by itself.

Q:Is giant panda fur as soft as that of a dog or cat?
A: Giant panda fur is composed of undercoat and guard hair.The undercoat is soft and close to skin to provide warmth.Longer,coarse guard hairs cover the soft undercoat and feel prickly to the touch.As they mature,panda cubs retain their soft undercoats as the guard hairs grown in,usually by about 6 months of age.

Q:What is the color of a giant panda’s skin under its black fur?
A: The color of giant panda’s skin is white with a little pink.Their iconic black and white fur markings are caused by pigments in hair follicles and does not affect skin coloration.Newborn pandas emerge with only a small amount of undercoat and as they develop and the guard hairs grow in,their shoulders,ears and limbs gradually become black.