Every summer is the season of giant panda cubs’ birth. The arrival of each new cub attracts the attention of worldwide panda fans. At six months old, the giant panda cubs begin to trot behind their mother, mimic her eating
habits and climb trees. In the outdoor giant panda cub enclosure of both Sunshine and Moonlight Nursery Homes, the cubs play, roll and climb the wooden platforms and the trees.

Outside the enclosures, crowds gather to see the Young cubs, and are often amused by heir antics. Visitors have often expressed that they wish to be more Familiar with the cubs as they all look the same. Now there’s a chance to know the giant panda cubs that were born in 2014.

The Little Grey, Chengjiu

At 10:00am on July 18, ChengJiu gave birth to a cub called Cheng Jill in the Moonlight Nursery House. Cheng Jiuhas given birth to 8 cubs prior to Cheng Jill. Cheng Jill was surprisingly born with naturally grey hair, different than the typical black and white fur of most pandas. As a result he was given the special nickname “the little grey”.

The Mao Brother and Sister, Mao Zhu and Mao Sun

The Mao sister and brother twins were born on July 26. The quiet brother,Mao Zhu, still plays with his favorite toy after moving to the Moonlight Nursery House. After moving, Mao Sun, the sister cub, increasingly climbed trees.

The Wild Kid Shuang Hao

On July 29, giant panda Da Shuang gave birth to a male cub named Shuang Hao. Shuang Haa is a highly mischievous young panda. One day when Xing Yu was walking along the l Shuang lao suddenly turned and pushed her in! Older Xing Yu quickly transformed hrom a drY bear to a dripping soaked bear. This has happened more than once, so Shuang Hao is perceived to be a troublemaker by his panda friends

Quiet Sisters, Qi Qiao and Qi Xi

On August 1, giant panda Q Fu gave birth to her first cubs, twins Q Qao and Q Xi. Unlike naughty Shuang Hao, the cubs seldom initiate tricks on their panda friends. Q Xi prefers to curl up on the wooden platform and Qi Qao is fond of bald trees near the platform.

Sweet Guy, Zhen Duo

On August 4, Qi Zhen’s son Zhen Duo was born. This cub has several names like “sweet guy”, “little prince” or “deliberate in counsel, prompt in action”, as he is quite competitive. When playing with other cubs, he never allows himself to be pushed around.