Now panda fans across the globe can live stream giant pandas simply by clicking on the website at any time. This is made possible by a network of cameras set up by China Network Television (CNTV).

CNTV set up 28 cameras throughout five of die main giant panda enclosures at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. The cameras provide 24-hour live coverage of the pandas’ daily lives, activities, and even &dal egressions. All the video feeds are delivered to an on-site television control room where the operators monitor and switch between the different cameras depending on what is going on in each enclosure. They select the best quality and most interesting panda videos from the 28 cameras and transfer them into 10 SD signals and 1 featured HD signal to transmit to the website. Using a global video distribution network, CNTV enables audiences from all over the world to enjoy excellent live coverage of giant pandas at the panda base. The new channel is a hotspot for worldwide panda fens as they can now watch every movement that giant pandas make.

The cameras are operated remotely by staff in a control room and can capture images from a variety of angles and with various background scenes. Cameras are carefully hidden in and around the giant panda enclosures, though occasionally they are discovered. The protective glass around one of the cameras got damaged when some curious cubs from the panda kindergarten found it and made some scratch marks while they played with it That particular camera is usually buried under the lawn in their enclosure and provides some unique and personal views from ground level. Never before has such an intimate look into the lives of giant pandas been available to the world.