For me, these scenes will always remain vivid in my mind.

Children finding surprises along nature’s trails, a flower opening in the morning, a stream hidden in the grass, a pheasant poking its head into the soil and the footprints of an unknown animal.

The serious expressions on children’s faces when they discover the source of pollution along a river or the peaceful feeling we get when we lay on our backs in a lush bamboo grove and listen to the majestic sounds of nature.

The girl who was afraid of spiders learning of their importance to the ecosystem and how to respect them, and the pride and happiness when they get praise from their hometown.

The children that created posters to create public outreach for the environment that will educate their parents, friends and the communities.

The impressive nods and smiles of parents as they took part in the activities

These memories will stay not only in my heart but in the hearts and minds of the participants to remind them of the positive contributions they made to society.

It is our hope that everyone can participate in our conservation education programs to help actively protect the environment and wildlife. This year our programs continue to grow and make progress to educate future generations.