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Sertar Travel Guide, Larung Gar

Index Page of Travel Guide to Sertar/Seda/Serthar

Welcome to Sertar and Larung Gar Buddhist Academy/Institute, we try our best to offer useful informations for Tourists.

Tourist access situation of Larung Gar

We will organize a group to join the Sukhavāti Praying Ceremony(The Bliss Dharma Assembly), it’s great time to feel the tibetan culture.

Tourist access situation of Yarchen Gar

We are very very pretty sure, foreign travelers can visit Yarchen Gar with valid passport and China Visa.

General information of Sertar(Serthar or Seda)

Located in northeast of Garze(Ganzi) Tibetan Prefecture in Sichuan Province, adjacent to Dari and Banma County in Guoluo Tibetan Prefecture in Qinghai Province, Sertar(Serthar or Seda) County is a tibetan county of animal husbandry. Sertar(Serthar or Seda) means “Golden Horse” in Tibetan language, because a gold-like horse was discovered inside Sertar(Serthar or Seda) in the history. Before 2002, due to the undeveloped road system, people here keeps original lifestyle. This county is located at the most remote corner of northwestern Sichuan Province, and the geological landform is very complex. There are boundless grassland, crisscrossed rivers, dense lakes, and huge snow-mountains. The snow-mountain is over 4000 meters of altitude, with low temperature, long winter and no summer. Sertar(Serthar or Seda) County has long history, profound national culture, extensive religious culture, and is also one of the source of Biography King Gesar.

Larung Gar: Famous Larung Gar Buddhist Academy is located in Larung Gar a.k.a. the Larung Valley.

Jinma Grassland: On your way to Sertar(Serthar or Seda), you will pass through boundless Jinma Grassland, where Dongka Temple (Mongolian Lamaism temple) is on Dongka Mountain of Jinma Grassland.

Consumption in Sertar

The main cost is on transportation when traveling to Sertar(Serthar or Seda), about 500 Yuan of round trip from Chengdu to Sertar(Serthar or Seda); accommodation fee is not too much usually, and there are no tickets of various tourist attractions, so you can cost 1000 Yuan to cover all fees in Sertar(Serthar or Seda) for 3 to 5 days; however, on holiday or during Praying Ceremony, the price of hotels will go up rapidly.

=============Once In A Lifetime Trip!================

5 Days Group Tour to Sertar Larung Gar, the largest Tibetan Buddhist institute in the world.

Why this route:

1. It’s a circle route, Not turning back.
2. Not only monastery, but also Geopark. Cultural and natural experience!
3. Langyi monastery, the largest Monastery of Bon religion!
4. Wu Ming Buddhist Institute, the biggest Buddhist academy in the world!
5. Nianbaoyuze National Geopark of China, beautiful but rarely known by people.
6. This route is totally different from other agency, and no doubt the BEST Route to Sertar for 5 days tour!
7. You have 1 whole day in Sertar Larung Gar!

Dates & Prices:
Date Group size Price per person
August 12th-16th, 2016 4-10 Persons USD740
September 16th-20th, 2016 4-10 Persons USD740

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