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Mount Qingcheng Travel Guide, Qingchengshan

Index Page of Travel Guide to Mount Qingcheng(Qingchengshan)

Welcome to Mount Qingcheng(Qingchengshan), we try our best to offer useful informations for Tourists.

Mount Qingcheng(Qingchengshan)

Located in southwest of Dujiangyan, Chengdu, Mount Qingcheng is one of the cradles of Taoism in China. During Eastern Han Dynasty, Zhang Daoling, the creator of Taoism, was fond of the serenity and magnificence of Mount Qingcheng, so he made the mountain “the Fifth Paradise” and “the Fifth Famous Mountain in the World” of Taoism. Till today, Heaven Master Cave, Jianfu Palace, Shangqing Palace, Laojun Pavilion, Chaoyang Cave and other Taoist palaces are well preserved, which, together with old trees on the mountain, witness the history of Taoism over 2000 years.
The word “serenity” precisely summarizes the charm of Mount Qingcheng. There is a poem from Dufu: “The trees are lush at west of Zhangren Temple, and the cloud of trees grow on the highest mountain”, which is used to praise the green vegetation and quietness of Mount Qingcheng. The vegetation of western Sichuan is original and abundant, and the air with rich oxygen ions is fresh and moist. It is worthwhile for you to escape from bustling metropolitan life and high temperature of 40 degrees. Probably when you get there, you will expect to live there forever because of the cool summer.
If you want to escape from the bustling and hustling city for now, if you want to give a quiet holiday to your heart, if you want to enjoy the slow time, or if you want to add quietness and tranquility to your memory, then Mount Qingcheng may be your first choice.

Tickets and opening time

Front Mountain: 90 Yuan per person
Back Mountain: 20 Yuan per person
Wanfo Cave on Back Mountain: 5 Yuan per person
Crystal Cave on Back Mountain: 10 Yuan per person
Opening Time: Peak Season (March 2 to November 30) 8 AM to 5 PM; Low season (December 1 to March 1) 8 AM to 6 PM