Tibetan Festival Tour


2019 Monlam Great Prayer Festival in Langmusi

We will take you to see winter's jiuzhaigou - fairyland on earth, UNESCO World Heritage, most important, very few tourist in winter. And take part in Monlam Festival in Langmusi, one of the biggest and grandest festival in Tibetan area. You will see the Thangka unfolding, cham dance, thousands of Tibetan Buddhists from neighbouring regions. And you won't forget theTreasure Display festival in xicang temple.


2019 Monlam Prayer Festival in Aba

Join in one of the largest and grandest religious festival in Tibetan area – Monlam Prayer Festival. Watch amazing Thangka unfolding and dancing, visit tibetan buddhist monasteries of Gelugpa, Jonangpa and monastery of Bon religion!