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2019 Monlam Great Prayer Festival in Langmusi

1. Jiuzhaigou: fairyland on earth, UNESCO World Heritage, very few tourist in winter
2. Monlam Festival in Langmusi, one of the biggest and grandest festival in Tibetan area.
3. Thangka unfolding, cham dance, thousands of Tibetan Buddhists from neighbouring regions.
4. Treasure Display festival in xicang temple

D1(February, 2018): Arrival Chengdu
Transfer from Chengdu airport to your hotel.

Meals: No
Overnight: minshan lhasa grand hotel

D2(February, 2018): Chengdu – Songpan Ancient Town, 310km, 5.5 hours.
After breakfast drive to Jiuzhaigou, on the way visit to Songpan Ancient Town, which was built and functioned as a military in the Tang Dynasty (618–907). Have a walk in the town and Climb up the wall of the fortress to have a nice view of the city. Then keep driving to your hotel near jiuzhaigou national park.

D3(February, 2018): Songpan – Jiuzhaigou, 100km, 2 hours
After Breakfast drive about 2 hours to jiuzhaigou national park, UNESCO’s World Heritage and also one of the most famous tourist destination in China. You will enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of colorful lakes, mature forests, and spectacular waterfalls. There is not so many tourist in winter.

Overnight: Jiuzhaigou Hotel

D4(February, 2018): Jiuzhaigou – Zhagana Tibetan Village
After breakfast drive via zoige county to to Zhagana tibetan village, where the most attractive scene is the original stone mountain and village.

Overnight: Local Hostel in Zhagana village(tidy and clean, with individual restroom, but don’t expect too high)

D5(February, 2018): Zhagana Village – Langmusi Town
In the early morning we will go to take photos of sunrise in Tibetan Village. Zhagana is located in the middle of rocks and mountains, with the altitude of thousands of meters, so it always surrounded by fog and cloud. Then we will have a walk in the Tibetan Village Zhagana, to take photos of their original life. After that we will continue our trip to Langmusi town, which is one of the 50 charming towns in China.

Tips: Tibetan bar at night is characteristic in Langmusi, you can even find very tasty Apple Pie in local Restauran.

Overnight: Langmusi hotel

D6(February, 2018): Langmusi – Luqu
Langmusi, known in Tibetan as Taktsang Lhamo, lies in a beautiful valley and home of 2 monasteries: Kirti Monastery and Sertri Monastery.

When you explore this small town in the morning, you will find you are surrounded by alpine forests and amazing mountains. And today is the highlight of Monlam festival in Langmusi: The day of Thangka Unveiling.

In the early morning we will go the highest place (Gansu Temple) to take photos of sunrise. After breakfast, at around 10 AM, we will start take photos of Thangka unfolding in Langmusi, to enjoy the eyesight party full of faith.

The major master leads monks to carry the huge Buddha picture of embroider, to put it on the fixed display spot on the mountain nearby. Then monks will recite Buddha merits and chant. All people present here keep quiet. You will see the grand and astonishing scene, colorful pictures, and hundreds of thousands of monks.

In the afternoon we will drive to Luqu to have a good rest.
Accommodation: Hotel in Luqu County

D7(February, 2018): Luqu – Xicang Temple – Zoige
In the morning drive to Xicang Temple to join in the Treasure-display Festival (Yes, A festival to display treasure). The most simplistic Tibetan folk ceremonies are still found here.

During this festival, Thousands of local People will wear beautiful and colorful new cloth to join in this festival. You will enjoy the whole traditional activities of this assembly. No matter you use wide-angle or telephoto, you will feel that it is not enough to take all photos of the whole folklore, such as clothes, head decorations, waist cloth, and treasures. Each one is very rare for you to see in your daily life.

What kind of Tresure?
Gold, silver, aquamarine, crystal, conch shell or white coral, ruby, emerald, red coral, amber, pearl, and Turquoise.

D8(February, 2018): Zoige – Chengdu, 460km, 8 hours
Whole day drive back to Chengdu.
Overnight: minshan lhasa grand hotel

D9(February, 2018): transfer to airport of Chengdu.
Transfer to Chengdu shuangliu airport.

Dates & Prices:

Date Group size Price per person
February, 2018 3 Persons USD950
February, 2018 4-10 Persons USD820

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