Giant Panda News Part 8

On October 6, staff of the Heishui River National Reserve in Sichuan province, who was monitoring the road to Tieshagang, found a giant panda cub along the route. This was the first wild giant panda cub discovered in the Heishui River Nature Reserve. On September 5, the Sichuan Travel and Tourism Administration, the Chengdu Research […]

Giant Panda News Part 7

Ying Ying Met Relatives On September 1912014, under a clear autumn sky with brisk air,an adoption ceremony took place at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. The Yingke Law Firm from Beijing & the Lyon Technology Co.J Ltd. from Shanghai adopted giant panda Ying Ying. Yingke Law Firm has always attached importance to […]

Giant Panda News Part 4

The four-day Biennial Science Popularization Resources Exhibition took place at the Sichuan Science and Technology Museum. The event was sponsored by the Sichuan Provincial Association for Science and Technology and organized by both the Popularization of Science Department of the Sichuan Provincial Association for Science and Technology and the Sichuan Science and Technology Museum. The […]

Giant Panda News Part 3

Recently(in year 2015) the State Forestry Administration added the “Giant Panda Protection Regulations”to Giant Panda Conservation. The working group also recommended applying one common set of laws for each nature reserve in China. ************ The Macao Special Autonomous Region (SAR) Secretariat for Administration and Justice Offices offered an official comment that giant pandas Shu Rong […]

Giant Panda News Part 2

In the Morning of December 1,in Boxing County of Ya’an city,patrol staff found a wounded wild giant panda, with its nose and upper lip on 1he left missing and m’ a poor mental state. Quickly veterinary stab rushed to its aid and sent it to the protection station. Currently, it is being treated in Dujiangyan […]

Giant Panda News

Global Search for UNDP Panda Envoys Launched in Chengdu The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) launched a global search for UNDP Panda Envoys and UNDP Panda Ambassadors on January 17, 2016 in Chengdu, China. The search was sponsored by the UNDP in cooperation with over 20 zoos from13 countries around the world. More than 50 […]