Exploring the Nature Reserves

Gongga Mountain in Tibetan means”pure white mountain” and is considered a sacred place in the snow-covered plateau area. It is also called “the king of mountains in Sichuan”, with a length of 60km from its north to south, and a width of 30km from its east to west. The main peak has an elevation 0f7,556m.The […]

The Rare Birds of Yancheng Wetland National Nature Reserve

Yancheng National Nature Reserve belongs to the National Environmental Protection Agency. The reserve was established in 1983 as a provincial nature reserve and upgraded to national level in 1992. In November 1992, it joined UNESCO’s International Man and Biosphere Program which uses multiple disciplines to sustainably safeguard threatened ecosystems and human livelihoods. In 1996 it […]

Connecting the University of Denver with the Conservation of Sichuan Wildlife

As lessons about animals, love of the Earth, and English language were being taught in a room filled with 30 Chinese third-fifth graders, a little girl in a pink dress popped her head into the classroom, wide-eyed and shy. She was a beautiful six-year old native Laojun Mountain girl and yearned to join the summer […]

Turtles Conservation

Who Doesn’t Love Turtles? They are cute, harmless, and so quiet and peaceful. They have one of the best protective mechanisms in the world, but they are no match for the cruelty of humankind. The world’s 300+ living tortoise and freshwater turtle species are an amazing success story of the natural world. Turtles and tortoises […]

Species Portrait Ark Sets Sail

Jianfengling, China’s natural rainforest nearest to the coast, lies within Ledong county 1 in Hainan province. Hainan, the country’s southernmost province also known as Chinas “Hawaii”, is an island in the South China Sea. Visitors can travel to Jianfengling via the western expressway from Sanya, a city at the southern tip of Hainan. Zoologists studying […]

A Wonderful Night in Chengdu with Dr. Schaller

On the evening of March 27, the Shan Shui Conservation Center hosted the Dr. George Beals Schaller lecture in the Tea-bar Youth Space. Although online registration was limited to 80 people, 150 attendees came to the talk. The lecture was so popular that the two-hour lecture had standing room only. In 1985,Dr. George Beals Schaller […]

Photograph Insects in the Morning

The early morning in summer is one of the best times to take photographs of insects. The sunlight is still soft and slants gently through the slightly damp underbrush where I find my subjects sleeping. Insects are still slow at this hour, and often covered in dew. If I want to capture an image of […]

Baishuijiang Nature Reserve

Baishuijiang Nature Reserve is a forest and wildlife nature reserve, located on the nortliem slopes of the Min Moutains in southernmost Gansu Province. The southern edge of the reserve connects it to neighboring Tangjia River Nature Reserve. To its north, it connects with the Copper River Basin in the western part of the Qinling Mountains. […]

Sanya’s Jianfengling National Forest Park

Jianfengling National Forest Park, located on I the south of Hainan Island, covers a total ^ area of 447km2 and is the largest rainforest in China. From November to March, the Park receives little rainfall and its rivers and ponds dry up, waiting for the rain to come again. The rainy season arrives in Jianfengling […]

Balsamine(Garden balsam)

Impatiens balsamina;Garden Balsam can be refereed to as henna, as they have the same basic chemical compounds as the plant that is used as dye. In the past, these red flowers were planted in Chinese people’s gardens, and their petals were mashed with rose and orchid petals to create nail polish, an unique folk cosmetic […]