Giant Pandas: Born Survivors

Over the past few years, many people have questioned the survival of giant pandas, thinking they have reached their evolutionary end-of-the-line or feeling that other species are cheated in the name of giant pandas because great amounts of conservation funding and scientific investment go toward this charismatic species. In partnership with Penguin Books, we hope […]

Giant Panda Q&A Part 3

Q: Do giant pandas stay active during the day and sleep at night like humans? A: Researchers have spent years observing giant pandas in the wild and have noticed common trends in daily movements and behaviors.Wild giant pandas normally start to be active before dawn, rest at and reach a second active peak again before […]

Panda Habitat Through Infrared Camera

Shhh, whispered Boss Shao as he stopped and gestured toward the bamboo grove up ahead. Weaving through tightly packed confers, a few sunbeams spilled through to the arrow bamboo. The dense arrow bamboo blocked our view of the area around us. A noticeable snapping sound came from the bamboo grove, extraordinarily clear as it broke […]

Giant Panda Summer Habitat

In nearly June,10 months old panda Hu Niu was prepared to migrate up from their winter habitat to their summer habitat with her mother.Until then, Hu Niu lived in a Bashania fargesii forest, otherwise known as subalpine fir forests. Since her birth last August, the nursing cub has resided below 2,000m altitude in the mountains. […]

Panda Q&A Part 2

Q:I often visit the Chengdu Panda Base, and see that pandas are only fed apples. Do pandas only eat apples as fruit in the wild? A: Giant pandas eat different fruits. Apples are the primary fruit fed to pandas at the Chengdu Panda Base, supplemented with other fruits including watermelon, pears and bananas. Those fruits […]

Giant Panda’s Winter Habitat

The wind blew hard while the rain heavily poured and slowly turned into snow. We were at an altitude of 2,800m on Qinling Mountain ridge, Xingongling Mountain and Luban village, the summer habitat of giant pandas. As the weather becomes colder and food becomes scarce the pandas to their winter habitat in lower altitudes. We […]