A Breathtaking Moment on the Precipice

On the last day of our return journey from the Jiguan Mountains, we were traversing a diff estimated to be 90 degrees up and 50m in height. The path itself was only about 20cm wide and a torrent of water raged below us. I was the heaviest of our team, weighing 110kg, and my teammates […]

The Charm of Mountains

I traveled from Chengdu to Xiaojin to join the census team in May 2013. Throughout the course of my work, I climbed over the Balang Mountains and approached the snowline on Four-girl Mountains (locally known as Mount Siguniang),along the transect lines, that were pre-determined from a global positioning system (GPS). I had the great fortune […]

My Unforgettable Experience

In the course of the 4th National Giant Panda Census, there were innumerable stories that we continue to cherish tenderly in our minds. I remember Yingjingj a pilot site for the census, where the Paocaowan area possessed such a maze of a terrain that even we got lost and our guides did not know what […]

Nature as My Schoolbook

It has been exactly fourteen months since I joined the team of the 4th National Giant Panda Census. We left our footprints in the wild of ten counties and thirty-three towns including Leibo, Mabian, Ebian, Wenchuan, Mao county, Songpan, Beichuan, Jiuzhai Valley, Mian-zhu, and Shifang. Like an enormous book replete with diverse landscapes and ethnic […]

4th Panda Census in Sichuan

State Forestry Administration Inspects the Work of the 4th National Giant Panda Census in Sichuan From September 8 to IS, 2012, experts from the Office of the Lead Group of the 4th National Giant Panda Census of the State Forestry Administration inspected the work of the field investigation that was carried out by the 4A […]

the 4th National Giant Panda Census in Foping

An Inspiring Good Start “Our team found fresh panda feces!” “We have seen wild pandas!” The 4th National Giant Panda Census was launched by the State Forestry Administration in October, 2011. Shanxi Province forestry officials initiated surveys of multiple areas of giant panda habitat at the same time. All surveyors were carefully trained to use […]

National Panda Census Released

Chinese Government Released the Results of the 4th National Panda Census On February 28, 2015, before the opening of the National Congress and the Chinese People`s Political Consultative Conference, the State Forestry Administration held a domestic and media in Beijing. Chen Fe, vice-director of the State Forestry Administration, announced the result of the 4th National […]