Tsinling Tree Toad

Qinling Mountains are the geographical divide between China’s north and south. It is the natural boundary separating the subtropic monsoon climate and the temperate monsoon climate. This specialized geographical region creates a natural barrier that ensures the preservation and maintenance of ecosystems. Alongside the giant panda, golden monkey, takin and crested ibis, there are a […]

Call of Cuckoos in Qinling Mountain

The sound of cuckoo’s calls in April always reminds me of the old good days. On one sunny day after the rain, several fiends and I went to Sanguannxiao at Qinling Mountains to visit the grave of Zeng Zhou, the first man to die while conducting panda fieldwork. Sanguannliao is a part of Foping Nature […]

Storie of He Xin and Giant Panda

I am a huge fan of giant pandas and have traveled through a dozen countries with my beloved stuffed panda for company.I always thought my enthusiasm for pandas was impressive until I visited the village of Sanguanmiao in the Qinling Mountains and saw a surprising photograph. The old man in the picture is He Qinglin. […]