Tiger Tragedy: Disconnection from Majesty

When you think of tigers, what thoughts flood into your mind? Maybe thoughts of power…grace…beauty… elegance? Surely, in your heart and mind there are feelings of immense respect for the largest of Earths cats. But, for all the positive and powerful emotions that tigers evoke in all of us, across cultures, we continue to drive […]


The natural history of wolves dates back several million years. These creatures were once widespread throughout the globe, covering the majority of China’s territory save for Taiwan and Hainan. For ancient people, the wolf was both an enemy, but also a good helper. One widely held myth about wolves suggested that the domestic dog originated […]

Black-Billed Capercaillie

Chosenia Arbutifolia and the Pinkish Water Early April, the first glance at the Hanma National Nature Reserve is that of a picturesque tableau The clear blue sky stands out against the white snow and the purplish-red branches of Chosenia arbutifolia, a deciduous willow-like tree,that blooms ovoid, shiny petals in defiance against the bitter freezing cold. […]

The Moon Bear: Asia’s Tortured Treasure

She lived in a cramped, rusty steel cage, unable to move or stretch her limbs. Her face covered in scars, and a hole carved into her belly with a surgical tube crudely poking through. The wound leaked a mixture of bile, pus, and blood, which dripped through the tube into a collection sack, and often […]

The Rare Blood Pheasant

The Ithaginis cruentus;blood pheasant, also referred to as the blood chicken, chicken Taebaek, Songhua chicken, or glass chicken, has not yet made an appearance in any zoos in China or internationally. Crimson-tipped plumage scattered across the belly and chest resembles droplets of blood, giving rise to the bird’s startling name. This beautifully arrayed bird is […]

Jerdon’s Pit Viper

The Protobothrops jerdonii, more commonly known as Jerdon’s a beautiful, ferocious, and venomous snake. The viper’s natural habitat is spread across China’s provinces of Sichuan, Guizhou, Yun-nan, Tibet, Shaanxi, and throughout southern Asia. They live in mountain areas and on plateaus at altitudes of 1,350-3,160m and can be seen in wild meadows, cultivated land, or […]

In our hands: the survival of the Rhinoceros

Under a clear sky with a bright moon and millions of stars a rhinoceros drinks calmly. She has by her side a young calf, only around two months old. She nudges her baby forwards, so gently with her large horn. She huffs through her nose and the calf reaches up, flapping its ears and extends […]

Tsinling Tree Toad

Qinling Mountains are the geographical divide between China’s north and south. It is the natural boundary separating the subtropic monsoon climate and the temperate monsoon climate. This specialized geographical region creates a natural barrier that ensures the preservation and maintenance of ecosystems. Alongside the giant panda, golden monkey, takin and crested ibis, there are a […]

Follow Their Traces: To the Wild Giant Panda Habitat

Wild Boar On a hill slope next to the road in an abandoned forest farm, a wild piglet sizes up a member of the census team. Before the surveyors can reach her, the sow quickly scuttles a group of piglets into the dense vegetation and out of sight Wild boars are robust animals that can […]

Sending a Tibetan Macaque Home

On September 27, 2012, I was conducting field research in the Renzhouhai Area of Sichuan Province. Scarcely had I left our vehicle and taken a few steps when I heard a high-pitched voice coming from the roadside ditch. It sounded like a rodent squealing after receiving a snakebite. Upon closers inspection, it turned out to […]