In the Morning of December 1,in Boxing County of Ya’an city,patrol staff found a wounded wild giant panda, with its nose and upper lip on 1he left missing and m’ a poor mental state. Quickly veterinary stab rushed to its aid and sent it to the protection station. Currently, it is being treated in Dujiangyan Base of China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda in Wolong Nature Reserve.

At 2:00pm on November 29, giant panda Shu Xiang was sent back Rom Macao to Sichuan via Air China Night CA638, is ready to participate in the next year’s breeding program.

In the morning of November 28, the famous panda Ba Si’s 35th birthday party was held in Haixia (Fuzhou) Research and Exchange Center for the Giant Panda of Dameng Mountain, Fuzhou city. Presently, Ba Si is the world’s oldest living captive giant panda.

On November 26, the Thanksgiving party, a one-day theme activity was successfully held in the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. This event is one of a series of”Discovering Twin Cubs-Global Event to Promote Conservation Awareness of Giant Pandas”. J11e Chengdu Panda Base, together with Sichuan International Delicacy Festival, invited Sichuan delicacy catering chefs to make dishes from the inspiration Of giant pandas. The female panda Hua Jiao was released into the wild in Liziping Nature Reserve ofYaan, Sichuan province on November 19. She is the 5’1 released captive panda after Xiang Xiang, Tao Tao, Zhang Xiang and Xue Xue.

Chinese giant panda Liang Liang gave birth to a cub on August 18 in Malaysia. On November 17, the cub, weighing 4.67kg, had its t meet with the visitors at the Malaysia National Zoo. Visitors will have an hour to meet the cub every day.

From November 10-13, 2015, the 2015 Annual Conference of Chinese Committee of Breeding Technique for Giant Pandas was held in Dalian. The meeting aimed to strengthen the cooperation to promote China’s endangered wildlife conservation and improve giant panda population management and conservation, giant panda disease prevention and control, population size development, genetic diversity Conservation, captive panda reintroduction, held rescue, public science population and much more.

On November 5, giant pandas Cai Tao and Hu Churr returned to Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding from Taiyuan Zoo for next year’s breeding. Two male giant panda Gong Gong and Shun Shun have become the new hosts in the panda hall in Taiyuan Zoo and have met with visitors.

The 41th Conservation Education Seminar Of Four Districts of Cross-Straits for Giant Panda held in Dujiangyan on November3 2015. It was hosted by the China Conservation and Research Center for Giant Panda. The conference is held every two years. The first was held at Bejing Zoo in 2009, second and third hosted by the Taipei Zoo and Hong Kong Ocean Park. Over 100 experts and representatives attended the seminar from 60 nature reserves, giant panda conservation education, breeding and academic institutions.

After the agreement The joint promotion on the giant panda conservation” was signed between the South Korean Ministry of environment and China’s State Forestry Administration, on October 31, Samsung products and Chinese Wildlife Conservation Association of the State Forestry Administration signed a contract for the introduction of giant panda.

On September 25 Washington time, Peng Liyuan, President Xi imping’s wife and Michelle Obama, President Obama’s wife visited the panda hall in the United States National Zoo. Peng Liyuan and Michelle Obama visited the panda Tian Tian and her newborn cub, together named the cub as Bei Bei. and attended the naming ceremony.

On August 25, the International Olympic Committee President Bach couple, accompanied by Liu Peng, the State Sports General Administration, Timothy Fok, a member of the International Olympic Committee and Chairman of Hongkong Olympic Province, and other leaders and Provincial Sports Bureau staff, visited Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. and specially visited the Olympic panda family members.