What can be said about nature? Nature is an inspiration, improves people’s moods, makes the world a more beautiful place,is everyone’s home and is simply perfect. It’s this incredible perfection that has,since an early age, always pushed me to draw animals and landscapes.

My career in Biology, my dedication to animal conservation, and my current efforts to develop a conservation organization with my sister drove me to continue and cultivate my naturalist drawings. My goal is to be able to use my works in the conservation field by attaching drawings to my naturalistic publications, field guides, travel reports, and by selling materials that involve my artwork and then donate part of the proceeds to endangered species projects.

Here’s the drawing of a beautiful giant panda that I met in 2012 at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, during my participation in the Global Search for Chengdu Pambassador. This work is dedicated to the giant pandas of the world and to thank all those that everyday fight to take this animal off the endangered species list once and for all. This includes the amazing work carried out by panda keepers, the inexhaustible goals scientists achieve and the action of the millions of fans that keep the conservation message loud and alive. This drawing is a symbol of hope and personal commitment for the future of this incredible creature.

If you want to learn more about my other works and mission you can visit my website. www.yleniavimercati.com.