I used to be shy and timid when I spoke to others, but the 4th National Giant Panda Census changed me.

My University major was zoology, yet since childhood I was interested in plants, and during the census I was assigned to the biology group. Our role was to identify and recognize different plant species, which was very difficult for me. Although I was highly interested, it wasn’t my educational background.

In order to successfully switch from zoology to biology, I had to ask multiple questions to the seniors in our group and consistently learn things from others. Fortunately I worked with a good teacher, Mr. Liang Chunping from Wanglang National Nature Reserve, who taught me immense biological knowledge by carefully explaining the distinctive features of the plants that he was familiar with along the road. Other members of our group, such as Zhang Yue, Wangjiacai, Qu Shang,Li Rengui, also provided me with help and advice. By taking samples and comparing these specimens to pictures and by learning from the elders in the group, I was able to recognize more plants and distinguish their characteristics.

I should say thanks to Gu Xiaodong, vice captain of our team, who gave me constant encouragement and instruction, and to Wang Chao, Xu Chi and Chen Yu who helped me feel integrated into this team. I was no longer taciturn, but transformed into an outgoing and passionate young man.

The 4th National Giant Panda Census provided me an opportunity to learn and share the joy of teamwork.