Thank You for Your Care and Support of Giant Panda Conservation
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Mr. Jackie Chan
Mr. Goo Taiming and Ms. Zeng Xinying
Mr. You Xiangfu and Ms. Huang Qiulian
Mr.Lu Shengxiang and Ms. Lu Xinyi
International Data Group (IDG) and Mr. Hugo Shong
Mr. Han Zhaoshan, president of Pan Pan Security Industries Co., Ltd.
Mrs. Peng and Mr. John Y.K.Peng, Chairman of Chinese Maritime
Transport Investment Ltd.
Orion Food Coy Ltd.
Ms. Zhang Yongzhen (Hong Kong, Chian)
Motorola (China) Electron CO., Ltd.
SiBao Stainless Steel. Co., Ltd.
QuanU Furniture (Group) Co., Ltd.
Tianjin Huaai Group Co., Ltd. And the famous actor Mr. Yu Xiaowei
Amanda Loke (Hong Kong,Chian)
Coca-Cola Greater Chian
Microsoft (China) Co., Ltd.
Fissler Chian Ltd.
Cambridge University Press

Sponsored Pandas
Long Long (male) & Feng Feng (female), Lifetime Sponsorship
Fu Fu (male) & Kang Kang (female), Lifetime Sponsorship
Yan Yan (male) & Ting Ting (female), Lifetime Sponsorship
Xiang Xiang (male) & Xin Xin (female), Lifetime Sponsorship
Ying Ying (male), Lebe (femaJe), HERO (male), JET (male), YINYIN (female), Lifetime Sponsorship
Le Shan (male) & Le Shui (male), Lifetime Sponsorship
Pan Pan (female), Lifetime Sponsorship
Yong Yong (male), Lifetime Sponsorship
Pai Pai, Lifetime Sponsorship
Zhen Gui (male) & Zhen Bao (female), Lifetime Sponsorship
Long Long (male) & ling ling (female), Lifetime Sponsorship
Ming Ming (male) & Tian Tian (female), Lifetime Sponsorship
Si Bao (femlae) & Pan Ao (male), Lifetime Sponsorship
Quan You (female), Lifetime Sponsorship
Hua Ai (female), Lifetime Sponsorship
Mei Ling (fcmalc), Lifetime Sponsorship
Le Le (female) & Mei Mei (female), Lifetime Sponsorship
Microsoft (male) & Unlimited Potential (female), Lifetime Sponsorship
Lu Lu (female), Lifetime Sponsorship
Man Qiao (female), Lifetime Sponsorship

Contributors Part 2

Sichuan Jiaxing Educational Ivestment Mangement Co., Ltd.
Chengdu Shishi Jiaxing Experimental School
KFC China
The Stanley Works (Shanghai) Mangement Co., Ltd.
China (Far East) Distribution Limited
Marek A. Dochal Family
Hong Kong Phoenix Satellite Holdings Ltd.
Japan Association for Study of Chinese Traditional Medicines
Toshiba Tee Information Systems (ShenZhen) Co., Ltd.
ON Semiconductor
Beijing Qirui Garments Co., Ltd.
The Elementary School Attached to SanYuan Foreign Languages School
Mr. Jorgen Simonsen
Mr. Li Weidong
Vancouver Airport Authority
Chengdu Wei Pin Asset Management Co., Ltd
Chrysler Group (China) Sales Limited
Beijing Yingke Law Firm and Shanghai Lyuo Technology Co., Ltd.
Meixin Meida Medical Information Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Bayer (China) Limited
VeriSilicon Holdings Co., Ltd.
Mr.Steve Newhouse and Mrs. Gina Newhouse
Mrs. Yano Yoshie from Japan
Wales LON-LAS Primary School
Chengdu Shaocheng Primary School
Zhanqi of Chengdu Experimental primary School

Sponsored Pandas
Jia Xing (female)
Qian Qian (female)
Tian Tian (male) & Xin Xin (female)
Xue Xue (female)
Stanley (female)
Hong Hong (female) & Bing Bing (female)
Yu Yu (male) & Mei Mei (female)
Qi Xi (female)
Kimberly (male) & Kleenex (male)
Guan Yuan (female)
Dong Dong (male) & Zhi Zhi (female)
On Semi (female)
Qi Roi (female)
Yuan Yuan (female)
Bo Bo (female)
Dan Dan (female)
Sica (female)
Deng Deng (male)
Lulu Richmond (female)
Lulu Richmond (female)
Bao Bao (male)
Ko Ko (male) & Wei Wei (male)
Big Bang
Big Bang (female)
Ying Ying (male)
Mei Da (female)
Kang Kang (female)
Yuan Yuan (male)
Mei Zuan (male)
Joy (female)

Contribution Time
Lifetime Sponsorship
Lifetime Sponsorship
Extended Sponsorship
Lifetime Sponsorship
Lifetime Sponsorship
Lifetime Sponsorship
Lifetime Sponsorship
Lifetime Sponsorship
Extended Sponsorship
Extended Sponsorship
Extended Sponsorship
Extended Sponsorship
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Donation Equipments for
Giant Pandas
Donation Equipments for
Giant Pandas