TIME, one of the most influential magazines in the United States, released a series of photographs titled “The Most Surprising Photos of 2013”. There were 128 photos, each depicting notable events throughout the world in 2013. Among the 17 pictures chosen from China, 2 news photos (No. 43 and No. 113) came from the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.

TIME recognized two remarkable photographs from the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding in Chengdu,China. The photographs highlighted outstanding achievements in the fields of biodiversity conservation and protection. Also as Chengdu serves as the hometown of the giant panda, the black and white bear plays a unique role as its ambassador helping with marketing.

The panda base created original solutions to encourage and teach breeding behaviors and actions to sub-adult giant pandas that were in estrous but refused all potential mates. On March 10, female giant panda Ke Lin, who kept rejecting her mating partner, successfully mated with male giant panda Yong Yong after she had watched a panda mating video provided by the panda base staff. Based on that experience, the panda base released a news release entitled “Giant Panda Adult Video Successfully Aids Panda Mating”, which was very well received and supported by the public. The photograph was shot by Huang Xiangming, the vice director of Animal Management Department at the panda base and also a giant panda expert. In the photo, there were two giant pandas breeding in the mating video provided by the keeper. Across the cage bars, Ke Lin was intensely concentrating on the video, which taught her mating skills, making the photograph vivid and amusing.

On September 23, Panda Base launched a press conference to announce the giant pandas’ breeding situation in the year 2013 that created a combined total of 18 cubs of 10 Utters with 15 surviving. The panda base also sent out a warm invitation to the visitors from home and aboard to visit the adorable giant panda babies and enjoy 2013 China and Chengdu’s event “Giant Panda Present”J which was a themed activity during the National Day holiday. On that day another amazing photo “2013 Giant Panda Newborn Babies Gather Together to Act Cute” shot by base staff she Yi was also shared and popularized via Asianewsphoto.com and Reuters (UK), attracting many foreign netizens.