Red pandas are classified as a national second-class protected animal in China.They share the same habitat with giant pandas, the country’s national treasure, and are wildly distributed throughout the Himalayan Mountains. At the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, there are not only giant pandas, but also the adorable red pandas. Red pandas are often mistaken for giant panda cubs because of their smaller size and similar names.

To raise public awareness about red pandas,the base developed an outreach program for children in and around Chengdu. The Chengdu panda base sent out representatives to lead child-friendly events called Moving Lectures on Red Pandas at kindergartens, primary schools, and middle schools in Chengdu and its suburbs. Presenters used hand puppets, storytelling, games, and Power Point presentations to communicate knowledge about red pandas and build emotional connections between the audience and the species. Conservation awareness for these beautiful animals and their natural habitat allow the students to understand what is needed to protect and advocate for them.

Today, the panda base has lectured at the Elementary School Attached to Sanyuan Foreign Languages School, No. 7 Yucai Middle School, Golden Apple Poly Forest Kindergarten, Chengdu Paotongshu Primary School, Jinjiang District Fuma Primary School, and the Elementary School of Chengdu Normal College.

If your school and students want to learn more about red pandas, please feel free to contact us. Let’s enjoy the wonderful world of red pandas at the lecture.