Asian Golden Cat

The Asian golden cat is a beautiful and elegant,feline, known for its changing color patteres. The picture on top was taken in the Sichuan Laohe Valley Nature Reserve and shows a cat with common coloring. In the many regions where the larger carnivores are extinct, the existence of medium size golden cats appears to be more Significant.

Asiatic Black Bear

An Asiatic black bears are omnivore and are a part of the bear species of the world, along with the giant panda. In many Chinese fairy tales, bears steal com and are portrayed as silly or even stupid. However, black bears are the opposite of the lore and have excellent physical agility well-developed senses, particularly smell, highly integument, and alert. In the Tempe mountain forests during the autumn season, Asia black bears mainly feed on tree nuts like acorns, chestnuts, and walnuts. They must eat plenty of nuts to store enough energy and fat For winter. In winter, they hibernate in sheltered tree or rock caves, they minimize energy output, and they do not forage until the following spring..This photo was taken in the early November before the black bears went into hibernation at the Shaanxi Changging National Nature reserve.

The hog badge

The hog badge’r has a slightly funny appearance. It sports a stripe somewhat reminiscent of a down, a round body and a slow and swaying gait. As a result lightened, the hog badger’s running gait is a bit awkward and comical to observe. When conducting method camera investigations, we put a short tree branch in front of the camera and put a little scent marking at the end of the branch. The rich odor smells like a wild animal’s scent and draws a good dead of interest. Ming pass by the camera, but once they smell the scent, are drawn in to investigate more. This increases the possibly that the infrared cameras can capture footage of these animals. Hog badgers are quite hallucinated by the scent deposits. This one photographed in the Sichuan Wanglang National Nature Reserve, emphatically sniffed the covered in scent and even rolled and against it. Perhaps the animal thought the scent was led by another animal and wanted to dear up any boundary disputes. It appears to be an attempt to declare ownership over this part of the habitat.

The yellow-throated marten

The yellow-throated marten is a common type of weasel in Sichuan forests. T1is photo was taken in the Sichuan Laohe Valley Nature Reserve. The yellow-throated marten is a diurnal animal. Though small in size, they are agile and fierce carnivores that are good climbers. They typically prey on small mammals and all types of birds, but are sometimes known to eat a young forest musk deer or Chinese muntjak. Wild Yellow-throated martens often live in pairs, the infrared cameras often capturing two martens running from the cameras, sometimes with kits, or young, in tow.

Mountain Weasel and Himalayan Marmot

Other than snow leopards, there are many other wild animals living in high altitude areas. A red fox came to the same cliff on a snowy night and was captured by the infrared camera.

snow leopard

A snow leopard appeared in the infrared camera at the Sichuan WoIong National Nature Reserve. The Wolong Nature Reserve is famous for pot pandas, but it includes two habitats for both species in the huge elevation from 1,1 50m to 6,250m. This photo, taken on a ridge at the elevation 0f4,400m in the Wolong Nature Reserve, verified snow leopard distributions in the Qionglai Mountains. The straight-line distance is only about l00km from here to Chengdu, a mega city with over 15 million people.

Blue Sheep

They have the highest population above the tree line. Blue sheep are the main snow leopards. The existence of top predators, like snow leopards, is evidence for the health of the food chain and ecosystem above the tree line.