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5 Days to Sertar Larung Gar, the largest Tibetan Buddhist institute in the world

5 Days Group Tour to Sertar Larung Gar, the largest Tibetan Buddhist institute in the world.

Tourist access situation of Larung Gar

We will organize a group to join the Sukhavāti Praying Ceremony(The Bliss Dharma Assembly), it’s great time to feel the tibetan culture.

Why this route:

1. It’s a circle route, Not turning back.
2. Not only monastery, but also Geopark. Cultural and natural experience!
3. Langyi monastery, the largest Monastery of Bon religion!
4. Wu Ming Buddhist Institute, the biggest Buddhist academy in the world!
5. Nianbaoyuze National Geopark of China, beautiful but rarely known by people.
6. This route is totally different from other agency, and no doubt the BEST Route to Sertar for 5 days tour!
7. You have 1 whole day in Sertar Larung Gar!

Dates & Prices:

Date Group size Price per person
August 12th-16th, 2016 4-10 Persons USD740
September 16th-20th, 2016 4-10 Persons USD740
October 7th-11th, 2016 4-10 Persons USD740


Day 1: Chengdu-Aba County

Visit: grassland on the road, Lang Yi Monastery.

In the morning: at 7: 30 we start the trip down Duwen highway.

In the afternoon: you will pass Miyaluo, Ma’erkang and Wengda Town while enjoying the landscape of Sequ River Valley, and arrive Aba county at about 16:30. Then have a visit of Langyi Monastery, which is the largest Monastery of Bon religion!

Accommodation: Aba Hotel

Day 2: Aba county – Jiuzhi – Banma —Wu Ming Buddhist Institute in Seda
Visit: Jiuzhi Nianbaoyuze National Geopark of China

We start the trip at about 7:30, drive to Nianbaoyuze National Geopark of China. It’s in Qinghai Province, which is a large, sparsely populated Chinese province spread across the high-altitude Tibetan Plateau. It’s a place of strong Tibetan and Mongol cultural traditions.

We will spend 2 hours in the Nianbaoyuze National Geopark of China, it’s a beautiful but rarely known by people.

Then keep driving to Sertar Larung Gar and we will arrive at about 18:00.

Accommodation: downtown of sertar county, or Larung hotel.

Day 3: Sertar Larung Gar, Whole day
Visit: Wu Ming Buddhist Institute, Mandala, sky burial

We will take you to the best places for photo!

Have a visit of Wu Ming Buddhist Institute. Then we will go to Mandala (4000 M), communicate with believers and monks, follow them to pray, pilgrimage, and experience their practice mode. During the spinning of the prayer wheel, tourists can feel the strong faith and tranquility of their mind.

we will go to the biggest celestial burial (4010 M) in the world, to know about the custom of celestial burial.
(PS: there is rich smell of the dead body on the celestial burial and the scene is very solemn. Please no noises. You need to be brave to suffer the celestial burial. The picture of it will keep in your mind untill the ceremony finished.)

Giving a bird view of the whole Larong Valley, tourists will see red houses, rolling smoke from chimneys and monks to and fro.

In the evening: under the boundless starry sky, there is one monk reading scripture in each red house, and the prayer wheels are still making sound in Mandala.

Accommodation: downtown of sertar county, or Larung hotel.

Day 4: Larong temple(Wuming Buddhism Institute) — Tagong town – Xinduqiao
Visit: Tagong temple, Muya Golden Tower

you can get up early to see the beautiful sunrise, take photos and enjoy the sunlight moving in the valley. After breakfast, we drive to xinduqiao via tagong town. We will stop at tagong town, a small lovely town. It is said that when Princess Wencheng brought with the scripture of 12-year-old Sakyamuni and passed by here, but she failed to take him away. Finally she had to build Tagong Temple there and brought another Buddha scripture from Chang’an to Lhasa.

Have a visit to tagong temple, take photo in front of muya golden tower.

Then keep driving to xinduqiao, paradise for photographers.

Accommodation: Xinduqiao

Day 5: Xinduqiao-Chengdu
Visit: Xinduqiao Town
In the the morning, have a walk in Xinduqiao town and take fotos. Xinduqiao was one of the favorite place of Chinese photographers.

Then drive back to Chengdu to your hotel.

Your Hotels:

Aba County Aba hotel, 1 night
Sertar County Downtown Sertar or Larung Hotel, 2 nights
Xinduqiao Town Kaiyi Hotel, 1 night

What’s Included
• Entrance to attractions listed in the itinerary
• Hotel accommodation: 4 nights
• All the Meals(4 Breakfasts, 5 Lunches and 5 Dinner) during this itinerary.
• Private transfers between the airport, attractions and hotels
• Private local tour guide and driver service throughout the tour

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