Q:It was reported in the Daily Telegraph (http//www.telegraph.co.ukseiemedseienee-newH9770944/[email protected])on December 30, 2012 that an antibiotic in the giant panda’s blood can kill bacteria and fungi. Several Chinese scientists believe that a powerful new drug can be made from this antibiotic to kill new super bacteria, which are drug resistant to common antibiotics. Is it possible to produce the powerful antibiotic without impacting the giant pandas?
A: First of all, I want to clarify that the so-called “antibiotic” mentioned in the newspaper is actually a kind of antimicrobial peptide widely found in animals. Humans also have an antimicrobial peptide that “can kill bacteria and hangi” and it’s an important part of the body’s protective system. It is doubtful that this unproven theorywiU pan out. However, we should be able to use modem biotechnology to artificially synthesize these antimicrobial peptides if so desired. (Panda Expert: Shen Fujun)

Q:How long does it take for bamboo to Brow after being eaten by giant pandas?
A: Each type of bamboo has a different growing period, varying at different elevations. For example, the new shoots of bashania fargesii begin to form in April. The shoots are then ready in October for the giant pandas that are returning to their winter habitats. Pandas forage mainly on the biennial bamboo leaves, 7096 of which are from the bamboo that grew in that very year. Therefore, the bamboo’s growth period is about six months,and the pandas forage for it in a specific area about once a year.(Panda Expert: Yong Yan’ge)

Q: How fast can giant pandas run?
A: A giant panda’s running speed varies with age and topography According to our years of tracking and observation in the wild, on fiat ground without any obstructions, giant pandas run slower than a human jogging. However in a bamboo forest, it runs several times faster than humans do. This is because in a dense bamboo forest, a panda’s body can pass through any part of the grove as long as it can get its mouth through, whereas humans cannot.(Panda Expert: Yong Yan’ge)