Her son lives in Spain, her daughter in the United States of America] and her grandson in France. Who is this interesting lady with such international influence? She is none other than Bing Bing, a 27-year-old giant panda who now lives at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. Not many people recognize Bing Bing’s name, but when it comes to her daughter Lori Lori who resides in the United States, her son Bing Xing living in Spain, and her well-known daughter Jiao Zi, along with the grandchildren Mei Lan, Yuan Zi, De De, and Po, one will encounter a large number of fans.

Due to her luxurious coat and perfectly symmetrical head, Bing Bing has held the “queen” position at the Chengdu panda base for quite some time.These exceptional genetic characteristics have been passed on to her offsprings, thus making her grandchildren some of the most attractive individuals in the species.

Bing Bing was born on August 6, 1986 at the Chengdu panda base. It was an unusually hot summer and her mother could not endure the weather.To cool the enclosure, keepers continually placed ice(bing) blocks inside her living space giving rise to the name Bing Bing for the new cub. Today tile pregnant pandas at the Chengdu panda base live more comfortably thanks to 24-hour air conddoning.

To date, Bing Bing has birthed 9 litters with 13 cubs. Sadly only 6 of her cubs survived. Several anthropic factors played a role in her cubs’ demise.Because of a nutritional deficiency Bing Bing had no milk when she gave birth and she chose not to raise the cubs. Breeding technology had not advanced to current day maturity at the time, resulting in stillborn fetuses or natal demise due to lack of milk.Fortunately today the survival rate of cubs is almost up to 100 percent thanks to the advances made in breeding techniques. Had Bing Bing been born just 10 years later, all her cubs might be alive with advanced breeding management. On June 30, 2007,Bing Bing gave birth to her last daughter, Xiang Bing.She was the oldest panda on record to successfully give birth. Bing Bing not only raised her own cub and her grandchild named Ke Lin, but she also nurtured several other cubs. She took care of them until they reached one and a half year of age.

Bing Bing is now 27 years old. Though she is no longer of breeding age, this panda grandmother thoroughly enjoys her health and old age at the Chengdu panda base. Here’s to many more years of life and happiness for Bing Bing.

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