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Best Time to visit Mount Qingcheng(Qingchengshan)

Mount Qingcheng(Qingchengshan) Contents

Welcome to Mount Qingcheng(Qingchengshan), you will find when is the best time to visit Mt. Qingcheng.

Best Time for Mount Qingcheng(Qingchengshan)

July and August are the best seasons for tour in Mount Qingcheng, because there is moderate temperature and moist air, though in hot summer. It is the best place for enjoying cool summer in western Sichuan. In Summer, the whole mountain is covered by green vegetation, with rich oxygen ions and precipitation. Streams, waterfalls and lakes on the mountain are rich with water, and the scenery of the mountain and lakes is the most beautiful. In addition, there will be a Beer Festival in Dujiangyan nearby, and all kinds of drifting activities will be on in summer, which will make your tour more colorful. Four seasons in Mount Qingcheng are different from each other. Colorful Mount Qingchen is the gift of autumn, but in winter, you will enjoy another kind of beauty.