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Tour & Itinerary to Mount Qingcheng(Qingchengshan)

Mount Qingcheng(Qingchengshan) Contents

Welcome to Mount Qingcheng(Qingchengshan), Don’t know how to arrange a tour to Mt. Qingcheng? Sichuanfun is glad to help you.

Tour & Itinerary to Mount Qingcheng(Qingchengshan)

Usually you can choose to visit Front Mountain or Back Mountain if you want to tour Mount Qingcheng, and it costs you 2 hours to visit Front Mountain, and half day or even one day on Back Mountain. If you want to tour Back Mountain on foot on your entire trip, you should get up early; the whole trip will cost you 2 days.
If you still have enough time, you can also travel in Dujiangyan Scenic Spot, Hongkou and surrounding area. Usually it needs 3 days, and you’d better go there on weekends.

Dujiangyan—Mount Qingcheng 2-day Tour

If you are eager to experience traditional Taoist culture, you can go climb Front Mountain, to take a look temples and to feel the unique beauty of “The Top Quietness in the World”. Then you can visit Dujiangyan Scenic Spot, to feel the humanistic beauty of the city, Dujiangyan.

D1: Chengdu—Front Mountain of Mount QIngcheng—Yile House—Yuecheng Lake—Up the mountain by cable way—Shangqing Palace—Lord Lao Zi—Shangqing Palace—Chaoyangdong—Heaven Master Hall—Master Cave—Fifth-level Cave—Ningcui Bridge—Shanyin Pavilion—Natural Picture—Yile House—the Gate
D2: South Bridge—Dujiangyan Scenic Spot—Lidui Park—Fulong Temple—Water Conservancy Area—Feishayan—Fish Mouth—Qinyan Building—Second Emperor Temple—Songmao Old Footpath—Exit of the Scenic Spot—Chenghuang Temple—South Bridge—Train Station—Chengdu

D1: In the morning, you take motor train from Chengdu to Mount QIngcheng Town, then you can take No. 101 bus to Front Mountain. After you enter the scenic spot, you will pass by Yile House, Yuecheng Lake and other sights, then you go to the cable way station, to take cable way up the mountain. You can directly go to Shangqing Palace by not paying a visit to Nine Turns, and you can climb to the top of Front Mountain, then you return to Shangqing Palace alone the previous way, finally you go down the mountain and go back to the gate.
You can take No. 101 back to Dujiangyan downtown, and have a rest in your booked hotel. If you don’t feel tired, you can go enjoy night view of Dujiangyan at night.
D2: After breakfast, you take a bus to Dujiangyan Scenic Spot, to have a look at South Bridge beside the Gate. After you enter the scenic spot, you can see Water Conservation Area, the section from Lidui Park to Fish Mouth. If you keep going in the direction of Qinyan Building, you can see more natural sights. When you are out of the scenic spot, you can also go visit Chenghuang Temple nearby, then you can return to train station from South Bridge along the previous way. Finally you go back Chengdu by train.

Back Mountain 1-day Tour

If you want to avoid bustling and hustling crowds and get close to nature, you can go visit Back Mountain.
Route Design
D1: Chengdu—Mount Qingcheng—Tai’an Old Town—Back Mountain—Wulong Valley—Longyin Plank—Another Village—Baiyun Cable Way—Wangyun Pavilion—Feiquan Valley—Tai’an Old Town
In the morning you can take motor train from North Train Station in Chengdu to Mount Qingcheng Station, then you should take bus to Back Mountain, 15 Yuan of ticket, about half an hour. After you enter the scenic spot, you can climb up the mountain from Tai’an Old Town. You will pass by Wulong Valley, Longyin Plank and Another Village, then you can take Baiyun Cable Way to Wangyun Pavilion, and return to Tai’an Old Town from Feiquan Valley. The whole trip is relaxing and includes most sights of Back Mountain. You will not feel very tired, and probably in the afternoon you will go back to Tai’an Old Town. You can have a rest in the hotel, have a dinner, and go out to enjoy the night view of the old town. At night you can stay in farmhouse on Back Mountain and finish your trip next day.

Dujiangyan, Mountain Qingcheng, Chengdu 5-day Tour

If you have enough time to know well about this charming city, you can choose 5-day tour.
Route Design:
D1: Chengdu—Train Station—Back Mountain—Tai’an Old Town
D2: Tai’an Old Town—Front Mountain—Dujiangyan Scenic Spot—Train Station—Chengdu
D3: Dufu Cottage—Wuhou Temple—Chunxi Road
D4: Panda Breeding Research Base
D5: Lanes—Jinli
D1: In the morning, you should take train from North Train Station in Chengdu to Mount Qingcheng Station, then you should take a bus to Back Mountain from the train station. Remember to buy some food and water in advance. You can spend one day to finish visiting Back Mountain, and stay in Tai’an Old Town at the foot of the mountain at night. At night you can hang out in the town, to feel the charms of old town.
D2: You can take a bus from Tai’an Old Town to the gate of Front Mountain. In the morning you can experience traditional Taoist culture, and in the afternoon you can go to visit the splendid Water Conservation Project in Dujiangyan Scenic Spot, and take train back Chengdu in the evening.
D3: You can get up late, and go to Dufu Cottage after breakfast, to see the vintage architecture of Dufu’s cottage. Then you should take No. 19 to Wuhou Temple, the only temple of monarch and minister in China. In the evening you can take No. 335 bus to Chunxi Road, the busiest street in Chengdu, to taste all kinds of Sichuan flavor and experience the night life of Sichuan people.
D4: You can take No. 87 or 187 bus from Chengdu Zoo to Panda Breeding Research Base, to spend some time with pandas (China’s Pleasure), which will make you happy. At night you can return to downtown to take a good rest.
D5: You can go to the characteristic street in Chengdu, Lanes, to feel the western life. You can visit various shops, or you can have a cup of coffee in Cafe. Then you should take No. 57 bus to Jinli, to experience the oldest street style in western Sichuan.