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Transportation Mount Qingcheng: Air/Train/Bus

Mount Qingcheng(Qingchengshan) Contents

Welcome to Mount Qingcheng(Qingchengshan), you can find Transportation guide of Mount Qingcheng(Qingchengshan) including getting there by Air/Train/Bus and getting around.

Transportation Mount Qingcheng: Air/Train/Bus

Getting There


There is no airport in Mount Qingcheng, and the nearest airport to Mount Qingcheng is Shuangliu International Airport in Chengdu (shortened as “Shuangliu Airport”). You can take a bus in Shuangliu Airport Coach Station directly to Dujiangyan, then you can transfer public bus to Mount Qingcheng.

At present, there are 6 shuttles of air bus from Shuangliu Airport Coach Station to Dujiangyan Coach Station, starting time at 11:20、12:30、13:30、14:20、15:20、17:00 respectively; there are 8 shuttles from Dujiangyan Coach Station to the airport, starting time at 9:45、10:35、11:25、12:20、 13:30、14:30、15:40、17:10, ticket of 24 Yuan. The bus will drive through the downtown, about 1. 5 hours of driving, finally to Dujiangyan Coach Station (but you’d better not go during noon and evening rush hour).
Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport/Coach Station
Address: in Shuangliu County (70 KM from Dujiangyan), Chengdu,
Contact: 028-85205555(Airport Information)/028-85205360(Airport Coach Station)
Transportation: You can take air bus line 1 to line 4 or No. 804 and 838 bus to the airport; after you walk out of the airport, and turn left walking about 15 minutes to Shuangliu Airport Coach Station


Since the opening of motor train (Cheng–Guan Line) in 2013, it became the most convenient and the most comfortable way to Mount Qingcheng. There are 9 shuttles from Chengdu North Station to Mount Qingcheng Train Station, from 30 minutes to 1 hour in total (it takes longer time of the shuttle starting after 4 PM), ticket of 15 Yuan per person; train numbers are D6121, D6109, D6101, D6113, D6119, D6111, D6125 and D6107.
If it happens to weekends or golden holidays, it will be hard to buy train tickets, so those who don’t have enough time should book tickets of round trip in advance.
After you walk out of Mount Qingcheng Station, you should take No. 101a bus to the scenic spot (Front Mountain), ticket of 2 Yuan, about 10 minutes every shuttle; there are also buses to Back Mountain, ticket of 15 Yuan per person, about 30 minutes every shuttle.
Chengdu North Station
Address: at North Third Section on Second Erhuan Road, Jinniu District, Chengdu
Contact: 028-83322858
Transportation: You can take No. 2, 9, 11, 15 and 16 directly to Mount Qingcheng.


You can take bus from Chadianzi Coach Station in Chengdu directly to Mount Qingcheng Scenic Spot, starting time of 8 AM to 10 AM every day (there is no fixed starting time, and the bus will go as long as it is full of seats), ticket of 28 Yuan per person.
If you cannot catch the direct bus, or if you want to visit Dujiangyan first, you can take bus at Chadianzi Coach Station to Dujiangyan, starting time of 6:30 to 19:00 (10 minutes a shuttle), ticket of 17 Yuan per person, about 1 hour of driving if along highway, finally arriving at Dujiangyan Coach Station. After you arrive at Dujiangyan Coach Station, you can take No. 101a bus to Mount Qingcheng Scenic Spot, ticket of 2 Yuan per person; there are also buses to Back Mountain, ticket of 15 Yuan per person.
Chadianzi Coach Station
Address: Yangxi Overpass on North Sanhuan Road, Jinniu District, Chengdu
Contact: 028-87506610
Transportation: You can go there by subway of line 2 or by bus of No. 4, 17, 25, 29, 46 and 82.
Dujiangyan Coach Station
Address: No. 76 on Yingbing Road, Dujiangyan
Contact: 028-87283985/87283970
Transportation: You can get there by bus of No. 101, 102 and 7.

Getting around

Public Bus

There are not so many buses in Mount Qingcheng Town, but only No. 101, 101a and 102. The operation time is from 6: 30 to 19: 00, ticket of 1 to 2 Yuan.
No. 101a: Dujiangyan—Mount Qingcheng Scenic Spot (through Mount Qingcheng Station, Mount Qingcheng Gate, Mount Qingcheng Tourism Center and Mount Qingcheng Scenic Spot);
No. 101: Dujiangyan Coach Station—Mount Qingcheng Scenic Spot (through Mount Qingcheng Station, Mount Qingcheng Tourism Center, Mount Scenic Spot);
No. 102: Dujiangyan Coach Station—Daguan Town Government (through Mount Qingcheng Station and Mount Qingcheng Gate)


The starting fare of taxi is 5 Yuan, 1. 5 Yuan every KM for 1.3 T, and 1. 6 Yuan every KM for 1. 6 T.
Complaint Tel: 96515 or 89718211 (Traffic Administrative Law Enforcement Team)
Price: Dujiangyan Coach Station—the gate of Front Mountain: 50 to 60 Yuan
Dujiangyan Scenic Spot—the gate of Front Mountain: 40 to 50 Yuan

Transportation inside Mount Qingcheng Scenic Spot

Sightseeing Car

The ticket of storage battery car is 5 Yuan per person from the gate of Mount Qingcheng Station to Tai’an Temple Station; and also 5 Yuan per person from Tai’an Temple Station to Wulong Valley Station. It is a long way from Tai’an Old Town to Wulong Valley, and the scenery is not so attractive, so if you want to keep strength, you’d better take the storage batter car to Wulong Valley, then you can climb Back Mountain.


Cable way on Front Mountain route: Yuecheng Lake—Siwang Temple (2 KM), 35 Yuan for one way, and 60 Yuan for round trip; Another Village—(by cable way)—Baiyun Temple, 45 Yuan for one way, and 70 Yuan for round trip.
Jinli cable way on Back Mountain route: Feiquan House—(by cable way)—Shisun Hall, 30 Yuan for one way, and 55 Yuan for round trip.


Yuecheng Lake Cruise route on Front Mountain: Yuecheng Lake—Zhangren Spring, ticket of 5 Yuan per person; 2 Yuan per person for Cuiying Lake Cruise on Back Mountain.

Slider chair

It is also called “sedan chair”, which is the characteristic transport tool inside the scenic spot. The staff of sedan chair wear uniforms, and the fare is also under unified management. The average price is 15 Yuan per time. You can check on Sedan Chair Price Billboard for specific price.