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Overnight & Hotel Mount Qingcheng(Qingchengshan)

Mount Qingcheng(Qingchengshan) Contents

Welcome to Mount Qingcheng(Qingchengshan), Where to stay for overnight when travel to Mount Qingcheng(Qingchengshan), how to find the cheap accommodation? We are glad to give you some suggestions.

Overnight & Hotel Mount Qingcheng(Qingchengshan)

Accommodation in Mount Qingcheng are mainly farmhouses and inns, in Back Mountain like Tai’an Old Town and Another Town. There are many options, and the environment is comfortable, about 80 to 100 Yuan per night; also there are hotels with good infrastructure, mainly in Front Mountain, about 150 to 300 Yuan per night.
If you really want to experience Mount Qingcheng or you have enough time to stay there, you will feel more about daily life in Sichuan if you choose to stay on Back Mountain. In summer vacation, many old man bring their little grandchildren to stay here for a month. However, the living condition is not so good in farmhouses of Back Mountain, so if you want to live in a better place, you need to confirm first.

You can choose to stay in farmhouses of Back Mountain, and it is no expensive, for 80 to 100 Yuan per night. Every farmhouse is similar to each other. Due to the moist air on the mountain, the bedding in every farmhouse is a little wet, and the restroom is not well equipped. You can wash hot water, but it is not so hot. Finally at night it is very cold in Back Mountain.

Most of the budget will be cost on tickets, cable cars and accommodation if you visit Mount Qingcheng. The tickets of the Front Mountain and Back Mountain of Mount Qingcheng are 90 and 20 Yuan respectively; the cost of the cable way and cable car will be from 30 to 60 Yuan. If you choose to stay in farmhouses on the mountain or inns in Tai’an Old Town, it will cost you 100 to 150 Yuan a night. It will not cost you too much in meals or shopping, like 30 Yuan per person is enough in the local restaurant; as long as you do not buy stuff in shops on the mountain, it will not cost you too much. In general, transportation fee excluded, it will cost you about 400 Yuan if you visit Mount Qingcheng for two days and one night.

Quanxin Inn

It is very near Front Mountain, about 10 minutes of walking. The style of the hostel is delicate, the room is tidy and clean, and the veranda on the second floor is very cozy. The hostess of the hostel is very warmhearted, you can ask her for help if you need. However, there is only more than 10 rooms, so you need to book as earlier as possible.
Address: No. 66 Quanshui No. 2 Lane (near Yinxiu Yuan), Xiangnan Road, Mount Qingcheng Town, Dujiangyan, Chengdu
Contact: 18228001353
Transportation: you can take No. 101 and 102 bus from Dujiangyan to get off at Mount Qingcheng Station, then you should turn northwest, you will not miss it.
Price: 118 Yuan per night

Mount Qingcheng Hongyuan Inn

This inn is clean and cozy, and the living condition is good. The veranda area on the second floor is a relaxing area. There are deck chairs and swings, where you can enjoy the scenery or drink tea. The service there is very good and you can borrow bikes there. Generally speaking, the room is comparatively cheap. But it is not easy to find, you need to call them to confirm.
Address: No. 38 Quanshui No. 4 Lane, Mount Qingcheng Town, Dujiangyan, Chengdu
Contact: 18081899757
Transportation: you can take No. 101 and 102 from Dujiangyan to get off at Qingcheng Garden Station, then walk down Xiangnan Road northward about 500 M, then turn right to walk on Qingxia Road, finally you will arrive at the inn just at the north side.
Price: 150 to 280 Yuan per night

Qingcheng Villa

This is a three-star hotel at the gate of Front Mountain Scenic Spot, which is really worthwhile to stay. The villa is large in scale, and is well equipped. The furniture are mostly made from original stone and high-grade original wood, which looks luxury. The WIFI signal is strong inside room. If you want some entertainment, you can go Karaoke or play golf. Also there is the free parking lot.
Address: Front Mountain Scenic Spot, Dujiangyan, Chengdu
Contact: 028-87288056
Transportation: you can take No. 101 bus from Dujiangyan to get off at Mount Qingcheng Scenic Spot Station. When you get off the bus, you will see the villa.
Price: 380 to 660 Yuan per night

Howard Johnson Conference Resort

This is a five-star hotel, near Mount Qingcheng train station, and you can walk to Front Mountain from the hotel. In the hotel there is a large-scale garden, with good environment, infrastructure and service. It is also free to park your car, but the hotel is expensive.
Address: No. 88 Qingcheng Road, Mount Qingcheng Town, Dujiangyan, Chengdu
Contact: 028-88988888
Transportation: you can walk westward about 500 M from Mount Qingcheng Train Station.
Price: 900 to 2000 per night (some including breakfast and hot spring)

Back Mountain Accommodation

Tai’an Shanyuan Inn

This inn is located at the center of the town, and the sign is very easy to find. The decoration inside the inn is retro. On the wall you can see some old souvenirs and old photos of the old town, and there is a specially transparent glass room. The environment of rooms is clean and tidy, and there are also some view rooms with veranda. Inside the inn there are restaurants and bars, etc. You can enjoy free parking lot and WIFI there.
Address: at the center of Tai’an Old Town (near Tai’an Old Temple), Mount Qingcheng Town, Dujiangyan, Chengdu.
Contact: 028-87295955/87295966
Transportation: You can walk down the road about 100 M from the memorial arch in Tai’an Old Town, and you will arrive at the inn (just across Tai’an Old Temple).
Price: 380 to 560 Yuan per night

Mount Qingchengshan Anping Hotel

This hotel is located at the center of Tai’an Old Town. In the front of the hotel, there is the bridge and stream, which is picturesque. This hotel is near Flying Dragon Valley and Wuquan Valley Scenic Spot, and you can see Mount Qingcheng just from your room. The bedding and furniture are clean, and you can enjoy free toiletries; luxury double room is equipped with balcony and kitchen.
Address: No. 5 in Tai’an Village, Mount Qingcheng Town, DUjiangyan, Chengdu
Contact: 028-61730555
Transportation: You will arrive at the hotel by walking westward from Tai’an Temple.
Price: 200 to 400 Yuan per night

Yiyuanju Inn

This inn is like a private house, with delicate and vintage decoration. There are many green plants, and the tables and chairs are curved from the original wood. The rooms are clean and tidy, and the basic facilities are available. The owner of this inn is very friendly, and you can enjoy the special dishes from the good cook, which is another specialty. However, this inn is a little far from the center of the town, so you may need to walk a while if you need.
Address: Tai’an Old Town, Back Mountain of Mount Qingcheng, Dujiangyan, Chengdu
Contact: 028-61920156
Transportation: You can walk upward along Shangshui Street outside Tai’an Old Town
Price: 200 to 400 Yuan per night

Laifengju Inn

This inn is very near the Memorial Arch of Tai’an Old Town. The location of this inn is very good, because it is convenient for you to go to Mount QIngcheng or to go have a meal in the old town. This inn is equipped with independent restrooms, and the living environment is acceptable. The first floor is the restaurant of this inn, and the dishes cooked by the owner are very delicious. The rooms are comparatively cheap and you can still negotiate the price with the owner.
Address: Tai’an Old Town, Mount Qingcheng Town, Dujiangyan, Chengdu
Contact: 13388169639
Transportation: just near the Memorial Arch in Tai’an Old Town
Price: 158 Yuan per night