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Practical Information of Sertar

Practical Information of Sertar(Serthar or Seda)

People speak Tibetan language. Most monks can not speak Chinese, so they can only communicate with you by body language. But some can speak little simple Chinese. Don’t worry about booking a room, because the owners of local inns basically can speak Chinese, though the accent is a little different. You can consult for the staff of inns and arrange your schedule.

Nowadays there is only Agricultural Bank of China in Sertar(Serthar or Seda) County. There is a Sichuan Rural Credit Cooperatives in Larung Gar Buddhist Academy, where you can enjoy the bank service or withdraw from two ATM. However, ATM is always out of money during Puja period, so you should prepare enough cash.

Post Office
The post code of Sertar(Serthar or Seda) County is 626600. There is a post office at the crossroad between Jiefang Road and South Tuanjie Road.

Sertar(Serthar or Seda) County Post Office
Address: No.2 on Jiefang Road (northwest of Sertar(Serthar or Seda) Hospital)
Contact: 0836–8522600

Important Tel:
Sertar(Serthar or Seda) County Government: 0836-8522278
Sertar(Serthar or Seda) County Cultural Tourism Bureau: 0836-8523707
Sertar(Serthar or Seda) County Police: 0836–8522107
Police SMS System: 12110
Weather Forecast: 12121
Red Cross First Aid Station: 999

The net signal of three carriers (China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom) are very good. There are 2 net bars in Sertar(Serthar or Seda) County, and Larong Hotel in Buddha School can also get access to internet.

Hospital: The main hospitals are County Hospital, People Hospital and some clinics. There are Han and Tibetan hospitals of Poverty Alleviation in Larung Gar Buddhist Academy, which are near the main building. There is a pharmacy near Mandala.

Han Hospital of Poverty Alleviation
Doctors or nurses in the hospital are all determined masters or Lay Buddhist, so they are really responsible. Due to the limited resource, they only treat colds, hypoxia, pain stopping, interjection and other minor problems. They need to go to County Hospital if they are troubled with serious diseases. In Han Hospital, you can rent Oxygen Bag, deposit of 30 Yuan. Oxygen is few yuan, so if you are out of oxygen, you can refill the bag. They only charge you the money of oxygen, but you have to keep well of your deposit receipt, and remember to return the oxygen bag before leaving Buddha School.
Address: near the main building of Larung Gar Buddhist Academy in Sertar(Serthar or Seda) County
Opening Time: usually at 12 AM to 1 PM, but different during Puja Period

Sertar(Serthar or Seda) County Hospital
If you meet into altitude sickness or fever in Sertar(Serthar or Seda), you’d better go to County Hospital. On plateau, small diseases can result serious outcomes, do don’t ignore them.
Address: No.3 on East Jiefang Road in Sertar(Serthar or Seda) County
Tel: 0836–8522136

Qinghai Tibetan Hospital
Qinghai Tibetan Hospital is near Mandala of Buddha School. You can go to a doctor or buy Tibetan medicine. You can buy some emergency medicine, stomach medicine, cold medicine, headache medicine, and cough medicine in this hospital. The price is not so high, a bag of pills of about 15 Yuan.