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Things to Do in Sertar

Things to Do in Sertar(Serthar or Seda)

Larung Gar Buddhist Academy is the biggest Buddha school in the world, and it is worthwhile to stay with monks and listen to a Buddha lesson for a day. It seems that every monk here has powerful strength, to make tourists feel tranquil, quiet or peaceful, rather than be harsh or tired. When you see little pupils dance Guozhuang (a kind of dance) there in the evening, when you are informed that you should pat dust off your outfit, when you see their smiling faces while looking at pictures in your camera, when you are staring at a flower at roadside and a girl passing by praise it with you… will be shocked that it’s a fact that some people here lead such a pure and original life. Then you will be affected by this kind of peaceful atmosphere, you will not be lonely, mad, sad and mean. Only in such a place like Sertar(Serthar or Seda), you can experience the emotional closeness among people.

Listen to a Buddhist Lesson Carefully

In the biggest Buddhist Academy in the world, you should take a Buddha lesson. Generally speaking, lessons of Buddha school are all for monks, but there are still some public lessons for tourists. At bulletin near Mandala or inside School there is curriculum schedule, and you can choose one to listen. In School, the study room for Tibetan people and Han people are separated. Han School is at Scripture Hall at the right side of Fountain, beginning at 7: 30 PM. While in class, male and female monks or tourists sit there separated by a cloth, so you should go there from different entrance at left side or right side. Please do not mix it up. If you want to listen to Tibetan class when you pass by Scripture Hall, you can enter the hall naturally. Monks will not stop you but you have to obey rules and be quiet.

Enjoy Night View and Count Stars

In people’s impression, night view on the plateau is the world of stars, but night here is full of lights and lanterns. Though there is no bright neon lights in city, no noisiness of songs and dances, rays of weak light shed and gather from shag, just like quiet strength gathering together, which is much more astonishing in such peaceful night. Standing on the platform near Mandala, you can overlook the whole valley and enjoy the quiet but shining night.

Have a look at Celestial Burial(Sky burial)

Most celestial burial spots are not open for tourists to watch, but Sertar(Serthar or Seda) Celestial Burial Spot is an exception, and many surrounding Tibetan people hold celestial burial ceremony here. This is a very solemn ceremony, old but mysterious, which is also a way of Tibetan to enter the door of Heaven. You can see many vultures here that you could only watch from TV. Their wings are 1.5 meters if open. It’s really shocked to see such a huge body. Except dead body for celestial burial, they don’t eat other animals, so they are regarded as God Vulture here. This ceremony is so serious that you can feel death hundreds of meters away. Watching the whole ceremony will help you to revalue your life significance. Wealth, treasure, poverty or low social positions are all as transient as a fleeting cloud. Tourists should respect the dead, never ever disobey the rules.

=============Once In A Lifetime Trip!================

5 Days Group Tour to Sertar Larung Gar, the largest Tibetan Buddhist institute in the world.

Why this route:

1. It’s a circle route, Not turning back.
2. Not only monastery, but also Geopark. Cultural and natural experience!
3. Langyi monastery, the largest Monastery of Bon religion!
4. Wu Ming Buddhist Institute, the biggest Buddhist academy in the world!
5. Nianbaoyuze National Geopark of China, beautiful but rarely known by people.
6. This route is totally different from other agency, and no doubt the BEST Route to Sertar for 5 days tour!
7. You have 1 whole day in Sertar Larung Gar!

Dates & Prices:
Date Group size Price per person
August 12th-16th, 2016 4-10 Persons USD640
September 16th-20th, 2016 4-10 Persons USD640

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