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8 days Classic Sichuan

Duration: 8 Days
Areas: Chengdu,Leshan,Emeishan,Jiuzhaigou,Huanglong,Dujiangyan


  • Largest Sitting Buddha in Leshan
  • Holy Buddhist Mountain Emei
  • Fans of Giant Panda
  • Fairyland Jiuzhaigou
  • Karst scenery in Huanglong
  • Ancient Irrgation project Dujiangyan

Day 01: Chengdu

Arrive in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, also the homeland of the pandas. Transfer to hotel. The rest time is free.
Welcome dinner, stay overnight in the hotel.

Day 02: Chengdu-Leshan-Emeishan

In the morning drive to the Giant Buddha in Leshan: With a height of 71 meters is the world tallest sitting statue of Buddha. Not only the immense size of the statue carved from the rock impressed, but also that it dates from the Tang period, so there has been more than 1,200 years. Also take a boating trip on the Min River.
Then drive to Emei Mt (3,099 m) and visit. It is one of famous four Buddhist mountains of China. Visit the Baoguo Temple at the foot of Mt. Emei. With the Giant Buddha of Leshan, they are on the list of UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage in 1996.
Stay overnight in hotel.

Day 03: Emeishan-Chengdu

Situated on the southwestern edge of the Sichuan plain is the 3099 m high mountain Emei: Here you will find lush mountain scenery, plantations of tea trees, scads of temples, macaques demanding tribute for safe passage. With its numerous Buddhist temples and stunning mountain scenery of the Emeishan draws magnetically to pilgrims and tourists for centuries.
In the morning, take a sightseeing bus and cable to Wannian temple (Wanniansi, 1,000 m), the oldest surviving temple of Emei Mt. from the Song Dynasty. Here is a 7.3 meter high statue of the Bodhisattva is on his elephant. It will bring good luck to rub hind leg of the Elephant.
Then by bus again to Leidongping station and hiking a little to Jieyindian cable station (approx. 30 min). Then take the cable car to the Golden Summit of Emei Mt. (Jingding, 3.077 m). Here you will visit the temple and the huge golden statue of Buddha Puxian.
Then take cable and bus down the hill to parking, after that drive back to Chengdu for staying overnight.

Day 04: Flight Chengdu-Jiuzhaigou

In the morning go to visit the Panda Breeding Base of Chengdu, you can observe the cute panda closely. In the afternoon transfer to airport for flight to Jiuzhaigou Valley. After arrival the guide pick you up and drive to Jiuzhaigou Valley, the National Reserve on the list of World Heritage Site.
Stay overnight in the hotel.

Day 05: Jiuzhaigou

Full day visit in iuzhaigou Valley: Jiuzhaigou means “Nine Villages Valley” and refers to the region’s nine Baima Tibetan villages of this area. It is reputed to “fairyland”, with its deep blue lakes, cascades, deep green forests, and snow covered mountains. Hiking on miles on the path, and by the sightseeing bus time and again, everyone is falling in alluring Jiuzhaigous.
Stay overnight at hotel.


Day 06: Jiuzhaigou-Huanglong, Flight Huanglong-Chengdu

In the morning drive to the National Park Huanglong (Yellow Dragon). Its attractions are the terraced, colored limestone ponds of blues, turquoises, yellows and greens. The limestone deposits help create the water’s sparkle, especially on sunny days. Light trek on the mountain and enjoy the beautiful karst landscape. Then take a cable car down the hill.
And then transfer to the airport, by the flight back to Chengdu. Pick up at airport and transfer to the hotel after arrives in Chengdu.
Stay overnight in hotel.

Day 07: Chengdu

In the morning, drive to visit Dujiangyan ancient irrigation project, which is the oldest and best ancient one without concrete dam. For more than 2,200 years, it plays a important role on the Chengdu plain. Then drive back to Chengdu city.
In the afternoon stroll in the charming old street of this city – Width and Narrow Lane (Kuan Zhai Xiangzi), they are the relics of the Manchu garrison since 1718 and consist of 3 parallel streets with the old classical buildings, which are unique in southern China, of the northern Chinese style presented of Hutong. After detailed renovation in June 2008, here focus of bars, teahouses, restaurants and guest house, and develops in the shortest time as “lobby of the leisure capital of Chengdu.” Experience here you will get an idea of the “city of leisure.”
Stay overnight in hotel.

Day 08: Chengdu

Departure from Chengdu. Transfer to airport and leave.