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Safety & Security in Sertar

Safety & Security for traveling to Sertar(Serthar or Seda)

1) If it is your first time to come to the plateau, you should not drink or eat too much to avoid the pressure of digestive organs. You should not drink wine or smoke, not do strenuous exercises, to adapt to the new environment.

2) Eat more vegetables, fruits, drink more water or other materials full of minerals

3) Avoid cold. The temperature difference is really obvious on the plateau, and it’s easy to get cold. So you’d rather wear more than take coats, especially in winter.

4) Don’t panic if you meet into altitude sickness, you should treat it according to your degree of disease. If it is not so bad, you can drink much water, do less exercise, and it will disappear after a while.

5) General medicine for avoiding altitude sickness: Hongjingtian (capsule) and glucose. You should take it 2 days before you climb the mountain, and continue to use it on your way, so it can effectively avoid altitude sickness (or you can drink Hongjingtian 2 weeks ago, sold in pharmacy). Also you can buy several oxygen bottles, 15 to 20 Yuan for each. It is like insecticide, and you can suck if you feel uncomfortable. There is not too much oxygen in a bottle, which can be used out soon, so you should buy more.

6) Prepare lipsticks and sunscreen to preventing losing water and strengthen your body resistance.

7) Pay attention to security during outdoor activities. Do not ignore safety because of beautiful scenery, and do not go out alone at night.

8) In recent years, more and more people go to visit Sertar(Serthar or Seda), and openness of Sertar(Serthar or Seda) also increases. So it should not be dangerous to travel in Sertar(Serthar or Seda) alone, but don’t go out alone at night.