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Overnight & Hotel in Sertar

Sertar/Seda/Serthar Contents

Welcome to Sertar and Larung Gar. Where to stay for overnight when travel to Sertar, how to find the cheap accommodation? We are glad to give you some suggestions.

Overnight & Accommodation in Sertar(Serthar or Seda)

In Sertar(Serthar or Seda) you can choose to stay in downtown of the County or in Larung Gar Buddhist Academy, where the accommodation condition is also improved. Hotels in Buddhist Academy cannot be booked in advanced. In January, April, June and September during Puja Period every year, there are thousands of tourists coming to Sertar(Serthar or Seda), so you have to book hotel inside County in advance.

In downtown of Sertar(Serthar or Seda) County

There are more and more hotels for tourists to choose, but many of them are equipped with public restroom and bathroom. If you live in Sertar(Serthar or Seda) County, you can take taxi or charter a van to go to Buddha School, tickets of 6 or 7 Yuan for one way trip. The advantages of living in the downtown of the county are that the altitude is low, the infrastructure is good, and eating and sleeping are very convenient. The disadvantages are that it is too trouble for round trip, or you cannot feel night view in Buddha School, neither.

Government Guest House (政府招待所)
This is located inside County Government, covering a large scale of place. It is very far to go to the Guest House. In the room there are stoves, drinkable water and a basket of firewood, and the public restroom is clean. There is a faucet on the ground outside the Guest House, pumping groundwater for tourists to wash face.
Address: inside Sertar(Serthar or Seda) County Government
Price: 75 Yuan per day for Twin Room

Laobing Guest House(老兵招待所)
There are two kinds of room: Twin Room and Special Room. The environment of Twin Room is good, worth to stay, and the owner is very kind, who can help you to book the tickets of return trip.
Address: in Sertar(Serthar or Seda) County
Contact: 13990487426 / 0836-8523712
Price: 120 Yuan per day for Twin Room, 30 Yuan per day for a bed

Transportation Bureau Hotel(交通局宾馆)
This hotel is comparatively new but not a large scale. There are rooms for 2 or 3 persons, electrical-thermal blankets in winter, but restrooms are not so tidy and clean.
Address: on East Jinma Road in Sertar(Serthar or Seda) County
Contact: 0836–8522967
Price: 30 Yuan per day for Twin Room

Jinma Hotel(金马酒店)
This hotel is like Gesar Castle, including Catering Department, Guestroom Department, Entertainment Department, and Tourism Information Department, which is the important foreign and designated tourist reception unit in Sertar(Serthar or Seda) County.
Address: NO. 19 on Middle Jianshe Road in Sertar(Serthar or Seda) County
Contact: 0836–8521577
Price: at least 388 Yuan per day for Twin Room

Near The Buddhist Academy

The rooms inside Buddha School are limited. There are Larong Hotel on the mountain, Guest House of Poverty Alleviation under the mountain, and two inns at the middle of the mountain, but living conditions are not good in those hotels, especially you should bring water from the foot of the mountain, which is really inconvenient; however, you can feel the atmosphere of Buddhist culture.
Every year a large number of people comes to Buddha School, so if they cannot find a place to stay, School will arrange them to sleep on the floor, or to sleep in Lama or Juemu’s house.

Larong Hotel(喇荣宾馆)
This hotel is located at the highest part of Buddha School, divided into two parts: Twin Room and Single Room at left side and Beds at right side. Living here, you can see very far, almost overlooking the whole Buddha School. It is also near Mandala. There are public restrooms on every floors, but the infrastructure is bad: you will be a lack of water in summer, especially in winter. There is a Chinese restaurant in the hotel, but you should wait for a long time to be serviced.
Address: near Mandala of Larung Gar Buddhist Academy in Sertar(Serthar or Seda) County
Contact: 0836-8526669 / 13568697664
Price: at lest 180 Yuan per day for Twin Room, 30 to 40 Yuan per day for one bed

Fupin Guesthouse(扶贫招待所)
The advantages are that the infrastructure is comparatively good, there are enough water and public restrooms, and it is not so expensive. This House is a place where people take private cars to Sertar(Serthar or Seda), Ganzi, Daofu and Luhuo from Buddha School. It is convenient to charter a van with others or by yourself, but disadvantages are that the altitude is low here, so you cannot see much far because the House is covered by surrounding higher temples, which is not a good option for photographers. Also it is far from the holy Mandala, it takes you much time and energy to climb the mountain if you want to spin the prayer wheel. Additionally, here male and female tourists should sleep separately, even for couples.
Address: near Scripture Hall of Larung Gar Buddhist Academy in Sertar(Serthar or Seda) County
Contact: 0836–8525457
Price: at least 30 Yuan per day for a bed

=============Once In A Lifetime Trip!================

5 Days Group Tour to Sertar Larung Gar, the largest Tibetan Buddhist institute in the world.

Why this route:

1. It’s a circle route, Not turning back.
2. Not only monastery, but also Geopark. Cultural and natural experience!
3. Langyi monastery, the largest Monastery of Bon religion!
4. Wu Ming Buddhist Institute, the biggest Buddhist academy in the world!
5. Nianbaoyuze National Geopark of China, beautiful but rarely known by people.
6. This route is totally different from other agency, and no doubt the BEST Route to Sertar for 5 days tour!
7. You have 1 whole day in Sertar Larung Gar!

Dates & Prices:
Date Group size Price per person
August 12th-16th, 2016 4-10 Persons USD640
September 16th-20th, 2016 4-10 Persons USD640

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