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Transportation Mt. Emei: Air/Train/Bus

Transportation of Mount Emei: Air/Train/Bus

Getting there: by air/by train/by bus

By air

The nearest airport is Shuangliu Airport, only 120 KM from Mount Emei Scenic Spot in Chengdu. Besides, there are Mianyang Airport, and Chongqing Airport, owning several flights of home and abroad every day. Now Shuangliu Airport High Speed Train Station is available in the airport, which is really convenient. You can take intercity trains (Chengdu–Mianyang) to Mount Emei Station, and walk 10 minutes to the scenic spot (details seen in train part). If you cannot reach High Speed Train, you can take Airport bus, public bus or taxi to Xinnan Men Station in Chengdu, and then transfer tour bus to Mount Emei.
Shuangliu Airport Address: in Shuangliu County of Chengdu
Contact: 028–85205555
Transportation: by bus of NO. T804, or airport bus NO.1, NO.2, and NO.3, to T2 in Shuangliu Airport, or 1.5 hours of self-driving

By train

There two train station in downtown of Mount Emei city, one is the old Emei Station and the other one is the new Mount Emei Station started in 2014. Nowadays, the most convenient way to go to Mount Emei from outside Sichuan Province, is to take High Speed Train (intercity train) from Chengdu. In Sichuan Province, you can also take High Speed Train from Xinjin, Pengshan, Meizhou, and leshan. Intercity train is always on South Chengdu or East Chengdu Station. Pay attention to your tickets information and do not go to the wrong station.

Mount Emei Station (High Speed Train)
This station is the new station used in 2014 because of Cheng-Mian-Le Intercity Train, really near the scenic spot, so you can walk or take a bus to Mount Emei Scenic Spot. Nowadays, there are many shifts from Chengdu to Mount Emei, starting time from 7:42 to 20:57, every hour a shift. RMB 74 for the first class, RMB 65 for the second class, 1 to 1.5 hours of driving.
1) Tourists who arrive at Chengdu by air also can take High Speed Train at Shuangliu Airport to Mount Emei.
2) Tourists can consult at Tourism Information near the Exit, or they can also go to buy tickets of Mount Emei Scenic Spot and sightseeing car at Tickets window.
Address: on Xiuhu Road of Mount Emei in Leshan city in Sichuan province
How to get there?
1) to walk 10 minutes to enter the core Mount Emei scenic spot
2) To take NO. 5 bus to Baoguo Temple Tourist Center for about 5 minutes
3) To take bus of the scenic spot directly to Leidong Valley, RMB 90 for round trip (tickets available for two days), about 2 hours of driving

Emei Train Station (Old Emei Station)
This station is the necessary station of Cheng-Kun Line, which is an old station, about 10 KM from Mount Emei Scenic Spot. This is for tourists who want to get in the train at Chengdu Station or want to save transportation fee. At present there are 5 shifts of ordinary train (with letter K on the train) from Chengdu Station to Mount Emei Station, starting time from 6:42 to 15:57, about 2 or 3 hours, RMB 23.5 for Seat, and RMB 77.5 for Sleeper.
Address: at Shengli Town in Mount Emei city
Contact: 0833–5470699
Transportation: to take NO. 8 bus to get off at World-Famous Mountain Memorial Arch Station at Baoguo Temple, RMB 2 of tickets (about 15 minutes), or take a taxi, about RMB 15

South Chengdu Station
The Waiting Hall at the second floor of the train station is the waiting area of Cheng-Mian-Le Line.
Address: the north section of Tianfu Road in Wuhou District in Chengdu, Sichuan Province
Transportation: Subway (Line 1) or bus of NO. 16, 19, 49 and 112

East Chengdu Station
Address: Qingyi River Road in Chenghua District in Chengdu, Sichuan Province
Contact: 028–86484652
Transportation: to take bus of NO. 2, 4, 38, 40, 47, 71 and 91 to get off at Chengdule Station (east square)

Shuangliu Airport Station
At present it is the biggest underground High Speed Station in China, as well as the only underground station on this line. The first floor underground is Multi-functional Waiting Hall, and the second floor is the platform.
Address: under the parking lot of T2 at Shuangliu Airport
Transportation: bus of NO. T804, airport line of NO. 1, 4, and 5

By Bus

Tourists can take bus from Chengdu, Leshan or Chongqing to Mount Emei. And There are 2 bus stations in Mount Emei.

Mount Emei Tourism Coach Center
Address: on Jingqu Road (near Baoguo Temple) in Mount Emei city
Contact: 0833-5592464

Jiuzhu Coach Center
Address: 10 minutes’ bus
Transportation to Mount Emei: RMB 20 by taxi, or take public bus of NO. 8 to get off at World-Famous Mountain Memorial Arch at Baoguo Temple, RMB 2 of tickets

Start from Chengdu by bus

There are bus shift from Xinnanmen Station in Chengdu directly to Mount Emei, every other 30 minutes, 2 hours of driving, about RMB 47 of tickets. Tourists who want to go to Leshan also wait at this station.
Xinnanmen Station in Chengdu
Address: NO.2 on Xinnan Road in Chengdu
Link: (you can book tickets in advance)
Contact: 028–85433609
Transportation: to take bus of NO. 35, or 1022 to get off at West Zhimin Road, and walk about 200 M to arrive at destination; or tourists can take bus of NO. 21, 28 and 237 directly arriving at destination

Start from Leshan by bus

There are bus directly to Mount Emei at Leshan Center Station and Xiaoba Station. At Leshan Center Station, bus shift is every other 10 minutes, about 30 minutes of driving, RMB 8 of tickets. Plus, there are also bus at Mount Emei Scenic Spot and Leshan Buddha Scenic Spot, every other one hour, RMB 10 of tickets.
Leshan Coach Center Station
Address: No.1 on West Boyang Road (near Black Bridge) in Shizhong District in Leshan city, Sichuan Province
Contact: 0833–2450710
Transportation to Mount Emei: at Leshan Station to take bus of NO. 6 and 9 to Yangguang Square, then transfer bus of NO. 3 and 13 to Leshan Buddha Scenic Spot; or they can take bus of NO. 13 at Xiaoba Station

Start from Chongqing by bus

There is bus from Caiyuanba Station directly to Mount Emei, starting time of 7:10、9:00、11:30 AM, RMB 140 of tickets. To Leshan, the starting time is from 7 AM to 6 PM, every other 1.5 hours, RMB 140 of tickets.
Caiyuanba Coach Station in Chongqing
Address: NO. 1 on Caiyuan Road in Yuzhong District in Chongqing (near Chongqign Train Station)
Contact: 023-89033877/89033855
Transportation: take Big Crown Escalator at Lianglukou, RMB 2 per person; or take bus of NO. 207, 210, 319, 325, 347, 419, 606, 608, 618, 619 and 862, and get off at Caiyuanba Train Station


Getting Around

In downtown

Public Bus
There are many bus line in downtown of Mount Emei city, RMB 1 to 1.5 of tickets. The following are several main lines, tourists can take bus from train station or coach station to Mount Emei Scenic Spot.
1) NO. 5 A line: Mount Emei Station–World-Famous Mountain–Emei Hot Spring Hotel–Baoguo Temple–Fuhu Temple
2) NO.5 B line: Mount Emei Station–Foguang Square
3) NO. 8: Crystal Square–Train Station–Buddha Temple Tourism Area (Yi Town)–South Dafo Road–Mount Emei Station (South Square)–Mouth of Wenquan Road–World-Famous Mountain
4) NO. 11: Mount Emei Station–Hongchun Road–South Dafo Road–North City Coach Station–Temple Felai Hall
5) General line: Fuhu Temple–Baoguo Temple–Mount Emei Station–Buddha Temple–Buddha Temple Tourism Area (Yi Town)–Emei Train Station–China Medicine Park–Mouth of Nansheng Road (Crystal Square)–East Lake Wetland–Zhuyeqing Tea Area–North City Coach Station–Temple Feilai Hall
6) NO. 1 Tour Bus Line: Mount Emei Station–Baoguo Temple–Leidog Valley–Wannian Temple–Wuxian Valley (Qingyin Pavilion)–Baoguo Temple Station (Huangwan Station)–Mount Emei Station
7) NO.2 Tour Bus Business Line: directly go to the destination (Qingyin Pavilion, Wannian Temple or Linggongli) according to tourists’ needs

The beginning price of taxi in Mount Emei city is RMB 5, and the bill is according to the mileage. It is about 8 KM from Jiuzhu Coach Station to Scenic Spot Coach Station, 9 KM from Mount Emei Train Station to Scenic Spot Coach Station. Plus, taxi can only park at the Welcome Plaza inside Mount Emei Scenic Spot, so tourists should transfer sightseeing car to enter the scenic spot.
Shunning Taxi Company Tel: 0833–5534222
Binding Taxi Company Tel: 0833–5531555
The typically local transportation tool in Mount Emei city, safe and comfortable, available for 2 people, RMB 2 to 5 of cost based on the mileage.

Inside Mount Emei Scenic Area

Sightseeing Bus

There are five parking lots inside the scenic spot (Tel: 0833-5592464):
1) Baoguo Temple Coach Center: from here you can walk to Baoguo Temple, NO.1 Pavilion, Emei Museum, Cliff Craving, Cultural Gallery of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, Welcome Plaza, “Shenyang Evening Bell” and other tourist attractions.
2) Wuxian Valley Parking Lot: from here you can walk to Qingyin Pavilion, One Skyline, Natural Monkey Area and other tourist attractions
3) Wannian Temple Parking Lot: from here you can take cable car or walk to Wannian Tempe, then walk up to Xi Pavilion, or walk down to Bailing Cave, Qingyin Pavilion and other tourist attractions.
4) Linggongli Parking Lot: not too many tourist attractions nearby
5) Dongle Valley Parking Lot: near Dongle Valley from here you can walk to Jitney Hall, and walk or take cable car up to Binding.

Cost of Sightseeing Bus
1) Mount Emei Scenic Spot–Dongle Valley Parking Lot: RMB 90 per person (round trip)
2) Wannian Temple Parking Lot/Wuxian Valley Parking Lot–Dongle Valley Parking Lot: RMB 70 per person (round trip)
3) Mount Emei Scenic Spot–Dongle Valley Parking Lot/Wannian Temple Parking Lot: RMB 40 per person (round trip)

Opening Time of Sightseeing Bus
Peak Season:
Opening: 5:30 AM,
Starting the car: 6 AM (Baoguo Temple Station, Huangwan Station)
Closing: 2 PM (the whole stations)
Off Season:
Opening: 6: 30 AM
Starting the car: 7 AM (Baoguo Temple Station, Huangwan Station)
Closing: 4 PM (Baoguo Temple Station, Huangwan Station)
5 PM (Dongle Valley Station)
6 PM (Anshan Station)

Cable Car

There are two general cable car line in the scenic spot:
Wannian Cable Line (from Wannian Parking Lot to Wannian Temple)
Cost: Busy Season (Jan 16 to Dec 14) RMB 65 of tickets for up, RMB 45 for down; Slack Season (Dec 15 to Jan 15 next year) RMB 30 for up and 20 for down.
Opening Time: 6: 40 AM to 6 PM

Golden Summit Cable Line (from The Hall of Guidance/Jieyin Hall to Golden Summit)
Cost: Busy Season (Jan 16 to Dec 14) RMB 65 of tickets for up, RMB 55 for down; Slack Season (Dec 15 to Jan 15 next year) RMB 30 for up and 20 for down.
Opening Time: 5: 30 AM to 6 PM
Discount Policy:
half-price: disabled man (needs certificate), children (height of 1.1 M to 1.4 M)
Free: children under the height of 1.1 M

Sleeping Chair

Tourists who are too tired to climb the mountain but able to afford the tickets can choose sleeping chair. By this way, they will feel not too tired and also can enjoy the beautiful scenery.