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Entertainment in Mt. Emei

Entertainment in Mount Emei

Lingxiu Hot Spring

The hot spring in Mount Emei is very famous. It is the rare radon hot spring, which is called “Buddhist Holy Hot Spring”. Lingxiu Hot Spring is the best place for relax in Mount Emei, divided into outdoors and indoors hot spring. You can have a test here after you climbed the mountain.
Address: inside hot spring Happy Valley in Baoguo Temple scenic spot of Mount Emei
Tickets: RMB 168 per person

Emei Top Skiing Spot

Emei Skiing Spot is the first one in Sichuan, established in Sichuan. This spot is divided into training area, snow slide area, snow battle area, playing area, fireworks area, snow statue area for tourists holding statue design contest, parking lot, restaurant and other facilities.
Address: at right side of the road at Leidong Valley Parking Lot in Mount Emei
1) Skiing: RMB 50 per person for one hour
2) Flying objects: RMB 40 per person for one hour
3) Flying ship: RMB 40 per person for one hour
4) Hovercraft: RMB 40 per person for one hour
5) Dog-sleigh: RMB 30 per person for once
6) Skiing uniform: RMB 10 per person for one suit
7) Gloves: RMB 3 per person for one set
8) Snow tools: RMB 30 per person for one hour
Tel: 0833-5098025