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Food & Drink in Mt. Emei

Food & Drink in Mount Emei

The main delicious food in Mount Emei is all kinds of snacks. Deeply influenced by Sichuan food, types of food and its taste are similar to Chengdu flavor food. In downtown, there are many small restaurants or even the roadside stall without brand, but the food tastes locally and yummy.

Local Flavor

Emei Soybean Curd
Emei Soybean Curd, made by bone soup, crisp meat and other seasoning flavor, tastes really like Sichuan food. You can taste it in various snack bars, but the most famous one is Qinglong Curd on Shuyuan Street in downtown and Ju’s Curd near the fountain.

Bobo Chicken
Bobo Chicken is from leshan, a countryside in Sichuan, having hundreds of years of history. Due to the origin from countryside, Bobo Chicken makes people feel the simple and pure quality of village. It is spicy, convenient to make, and tastes particularly, so it is prevailing among people in Sichuan. “Bobo” actually is the crock. Spicy seasoning is put on the bottom of the crock, vegetables or meat are made into the stick after particular processing, then they are soaked in all kinds of flavors of seasoning, so people can eat them if want.

Emei Pot-Stewed Duck
The pot-stewed duck industry in Mount Emei has the history of more than 200 years. There are hundreds of roadside stalls in downtown and it is easily to found. The color of pot-stewed ducks are dark red, the meat is tender and delicious, a little flavor of fire smoke, and it tastes too good to forget, which is a good choice for drink white wine.

Emei Vegetarian Food
Mount Emei is the resort of Buddhism and Taoism, so Emei vegetarian food is a local feature. The raw material for vegetarian food in temples are: tofu made from soybean, bean products, gluten and baked cake processed from flour, as well as vermicelli and other rice noddles. “Imitating Meat” is one of the features of Emei vegetarian food, combined with traditional processing art, which is famous for its delicate design, exquisite carving, color, aroma and delicious taste.
Especially “Spring Tofu Pudding”and “Snow Water Pickle”in Mount Emei, they are world-famous and taste really good.

Emei Eel Slice
Emei Eel Slice is the dish that tourists must taste if they come to Mount Emei. Since ancient time, eel meat is tender, delicious and nutritious. As raw material for food, it has effects of tonifying middle-Jiao and Qi, nourishing the blood and tranquilization, warming Yang and benefiting spleen, strengthening vital essence and and stopping bleeding, which is the food of nutritious value for modern people.

Emei Local Food Village
Emei Local Food Village is located at the riverside of Yoga Rive (the old address of Phoenix Stand in Mount Emei, near Emei Hotel. In the food village, there are Emei snacks, Emei BBQ, Emei dishes, Magic Water Xueya Gallery and Emei Bar.
Address: near Emei Hotel
Tel: 0833-5595668
Snacks Street is inside the tourist spot, mainly selling local flavor, like
Leafless cake, Pot-Stewed Duck, Bean Curd, Cold Cake, and Buns Cake.
Address: at Baoguo Temple in Mount Emei

Road Bridge Turnip Soup (on the way from downtown to scenic spot)
This is a very famous restaurant in Mount Emei, and the special is Turnip Soup and Pickle Bamboo Shoot. The method to cook this dish, is to cook soup of pig bone and pig bladder first, then to put turnip (the specialty of Long Pool in Mount Emei). The soup is strong, the taste is good, and the turnip is delicious and sweet. Though the pig bladder is fat, it still tastes good. The pickles are really delicious, especially pickled bamboo shoot of Mount Emei. The bamboo shoot is fresh and tender, combined with turnip soup. This soup is the combination of meat (pig bladder) and vegetable (turnip), of green (turnip) and white (meat soup). This soup is all good in color, aroma and taste.
You can enjoy the “unlimited refill” except meat, which means you can add soup and turnip endlessly. However, waiters will not do it for you, so you should ask them yourself.
Address: at Mingshan Gas Station of Road Bridge in downtown (on the way from the downtown to Baoguo Temple scenic spot, near the second Gas Station)
Tel: 0833-5590335

In downtown you can have delicious food like:
–Shuyuan Street: Bean Curd, Sanheni (made of rice, glutinous rice, and bean)
–Xizheng Street: Leafless Cake, Frozen Cake, and Corn Cake
–Business Street: Pot-Stewed Duck
–Near Jucao: Emei Eel Slice
–at Quanyechang: Cool Jelly,
In Mount Emei scenic spot:
–Farmhouse: homemade bean curd, old bacon and sausage
–Hotel or Inn: Konjac duck, stewed shoots