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Clothing Tips & Weather Mt. Emei

Clothing Tips & Weather in Mount Emei

In Mount Emei, the temperature difference of different altitude is very obvious, which is about 14℃ between the top and the foot of the mountain. There are obviously four seasons under the altitude of 2000 M, just like other parts in China, and so is the clothing tips. The temperature on the middle of the mountain is comparatively low, but tourists will not feel cold when they climb the mountain. However, at altitude of high mountain over 2000 M, there are only spring and autumn. The average temperature at Jinding in summer is from 8 to 10 ℃, so tourists need outfits for spring and autumn. If they want to enjoy the sunrise, they need thicker clothes. In winter, the temperature can be as low as -20℃, so tourists should wear thick and warm coats (there are coats for renting on the top of the mountain).