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Special Recommendation

Special Recommendation

Sunrise at Jinding

The sun rises while the bell in the temple is ringing. The sky before dawn is beautiful. Gradually, horizon line can be seen, a plume of red rays floating, holding several golden rimmed clouds. A brilliant daylight is approaching. Under the colorful clouds, on the boundless and blue-purple sky, suddenly, showing a little purple-red color, and gradually, a round and red sun rises slowly from the skyline. With the sunrise from the east and morning rays full of the sky, thousands of golden light shedding on the ground, Mount Emei wears a golden coat from the bottom to the top, and presents its whole beautiful body.

Buddha Light

When a tourist stand on Jinding, against the sun, and surrounded by clouds in the front sky, he or she can see a ring which is red outside and purple inside, and in the middle there will be the figure of the tourist. People moves, and the figure also moves. If people leave, the ring also disappears. This is called Buddha Light. Even though there are thousands of tourists standing together, they can only see their own figure in the ring, strangely, so Buddha Light is also called “Mount Emei Treasure Light”.

Emei Martial Art

Emei martial art, Shaolin martial art and Wudang martial art are three schools of Chinese martial arts. From which, Emei martial art has been 2500 years of history, which is the earliest martial art. The name of Emei martial art is from Mount Emei, originated from Spring and Autumn Warring Periods, and prevailing from Tang Dynasty to Song Dynasty of about 500 years. Emei martial art consists of eight schools and five subordinate schools. On tourism season, or holidays, or during the celebrations, Emei Martial Art Association presents performs at Mingshan Square, Baoguo Temple and Huazang Temple.