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Tours & Itinerary Mt. Emei

Tours & Itinerary in Mount Emei

Hiking tips

Bamboo Stick: RMB 1, you can take it as climbing stick, or use it preventing from wild monkey;
Disposable poncho: 2 suits for RMB 5, actually poncho is more useful than umbrella;
Water: based on your climbing schedule you’d better take a big bottle of water of 1.5 L, because the drinkable water is really important when hiking. The price of water goes up increasingly as the altitude goes up. If you do not want to carry bottle of water, you can take a bottle, and get free hot water from temples.
There are two routes for hiking on Mount Emei. One is totally 40.5 KM, beginning at Qingyin Pavilion, through Hongchun Valley, Xianfeng Temple, Yuxian Temple, and to Leidong Valley; the other one is 21.5 KM long, beginning at Wannian Temple, through Xixin Pavilion, Chu Hall, and to Leidong Valley. Hiking is a gradual process, so if you are the first time to begin hiking, you should make it too rush.

3-Day Hiking Route

D1: Chengdu–Mount Emei–Baoguo Temple–Fuhu Temple–Qingyin Pavilion–Hongchun Valley
D2: Hongchun Valley–(15 KM)–Xianfeng Temple–(12.5 KM)–Xixiang Pool–(7.5 KM)–Leidong Valley–Jieyin Hall–(4.5 KM)–Taizi Valley
D3: Taizi Valley–Jinding–Leidong Valley–Climbing down the mountain–Chengdu

Itinerary Details
Day 1: in the morning tourists can take bus (RMB 44) from Xin Nanmen Station in Chengdu, and it takes 2.5 hours to arrive at Coach Station in downtown. From Coach Station to Mount Emei scenic spot, it costs RMB 10 by taxi, and RMB 5 by van. After going into the scenic spot, tourists can climb the mountain from the road beside Baoen Temple, passing through Fuhu Temple, Leiyin Temple, Chunyang Hall, Shenshui Pavilion, Zhongfeng Temple, Guangfu Temple, and arrive at Qingyin Pavilion. After buying the ticket at the ticket booth (at slight slope), 10 KM from Qingyin Pavilion, tourists can enter the scenic spot (don’t expect to escape tickets because the checking system is very strict). After enjoying Qingyin Pavilion, tourists continue to climb up, pass through One Skyline and Monkey Area, but they should be careful of bottle of water and camera, because monkeys are really naughty. Above Monkey Area, there is Hongchun Valley, 6 KM from Qingyin Pavilion. Tourists had better arrive at Qingyin Pavilion before 6:30 PM, because they can have vegetarian food there and stay in Hongchun Valley Temple.

Day 2: first tourists come to “Ninety-Nine Turns”. It is a dangerous road which is difficult to climb. Then they come to Xianfeng Temple, where they can worship God of Wealth. Next they climb down to arrive at Yuxian Temple, and then climb up again. After a while, they will arrive at the second difficult slope, ZuanTian Slope. Finally they arrive at Xixiang Pool. Next is the third difficult slope to climb, Lianwang Slope, which is the most difficult slope to climb on the mountain. Tourists can have a rest when they arrive at Leidong Valley (available for accommodation), or they can continue to climb. After passing through Jieyin Hall (here is cable car to Jinding, RMB 65 per person) and Qili Slope, they will arrive at Taizi Valley, where there are many farmhouses for accommodation.

Day 3: At 5: 30 AM in the morning, tourists can arrive at Jinding at around 6 AM. At Jinding, the temperature is low, and the wind is heavy, so tourists should wear thick coat. After finishing enjoying the beautiful scenery at Jinding, tourists walk 6 KM to Leidong Valley. You can take bus down the mountain, RMB 50 per person, unless you are a fan of climbing. Or you can choose to take a king of smaller van, 7 persons in a van, RMB 40 per person. For fans of climbing, they can choose the route (Huayan Ding Route) back the mountain to climb down. They can take bus at the Coach Station at the foot of the mountain, back to Xin Nanmen Station in Chengdu, RMB 44 per person.


2-Day Tour for Sightseeing

D1: Chengdu–Emei–Baoguo Temple–Fuhu Temple–Coach Station (by bus)–Leidong Valley (by cable car)–Jinding
D2: to enjoy sunrise and snow mountain–Leidong Valley (by bus)–Wannian Temple Parking Lot–Wannian Temple–Qingyin Pavilion–Wuxian Spot–Coach Station–Chengdu

Itinerary Details

Day 1: tourists can take bus from Xinnanmen Station in Chengdu to Mount Emei scenic spot, and walk to Baoguo Temple. After that they can take bus to Fuhu Temple, then they can take sightseeing car at Coach Station to Leidong Valley, and walk to Jieyin Hall, where they can take cable car to Jinding. At night they can stay at Jinding.

Day 2: tourists can get up early to watch the sunrise at Jinding, then walk to Jieyin Hall and Leidong Valley. The can take bus from Leidong Valley to Wannian Temple Parking Lot, to visit Wannian Temple, but should be careful of monkeys. They should climb up the slope which is very slight. After that they can walk down the slope from Wannian Temple to Qingyin Pavilion. And they should continue walk from Qingyin Pavilion to Wuxian Spot Parking Lot. Finally they can take bus from Coach Station back to Chengdu.