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Overnight & Accommodation Mt. Emei

Mount Emei Contents

Welcome to Mount Emei. Where to stay for overnight when travel to Emeishan, how to find the cheap accommodation for Mt. Emei? We give you some suggestions.

Overnight in Mount Emei

The tourist attractions are rich but scattered. If you want to enjoy the beautiful scenery to your heart’s content, you had better live in the scenic spot for at least one night. You can choose accommodation according to your own sightseeing schedule. Hongchun Valley, Xianfeng Temple and Xixiang Pool can be your choice. You can decide which place to stay based on your climbing speed. You can always find a place to stay as long as in slack season (not like busy season–National Holiday). It is best for you to arrive at Leidong Valley, because you can enjoy the sunrise the next day.

Downtown or low-level area: it is convenient to visit Baoguo Temple, and you can also enjoy the hot springs. Hotels are clustered in Baoguo Temple, like Hongzhushan Hotel, Hot Spring Hotel and Mount Emei Hotel (3 hot spring hotels), RMB 700 to 1000 a room for one night. There are many inns at low-altitude area, much more in downtown, and the price is more reasonable, few decades of dollars to hundreds of dollars for one room a night. Living in downtown is very convenient to enjoy delicious local food, and it only takes RMB 10 to 20 to Baoguo Temple by taxi.

halfway up the mountain: This area is the place for hikers to stay, because they can have a good rest here. Near Qingyin Pavilion there are many farmhouse and inns, RMB 30 to 50 for per person, but the accommodation condition is not so good.

High-level area: It is a good place to enjoy the sunrise, and they can choose to stay in Jinding, Leidonping, or Xixiang Pool. Jinding Hotel is in Jinding, about RMB 600 per night. You can also choose to stay inside Leidongping or Xixiang Pool, as well as farmhouse or inns nearby.
Tips: you’d better book your room in advance.

In Temples: Temple accommodation is the characteristic of Mount Emei. Along the way climbing to the mountain, many temples, big or small, are equipped with guest rooms, RMB 30 to 60 for one bed and 100 to 160 for one room. You can choose to stay in Baoguo Temple, Qingyin Pavilion, Hongchun Valley, Bailong Cave, Wannian Temple, Xixin Temple and so on. Even in busy seasons, the price for temple accommodation does not go up, but perhaps the room will be taken out early before 10 AM. Plus, temple accommodation in Mount Emei can not be booked in advance, so you should make sure your choice for accommodation.

In Farmhouse: there are many farmhouses near Qingyin Pavilion, you can compare several farmhouses and make your final decision, RMB 30 to 50 per person for one night.