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Festivals & Events in Mt. Emei

Festivals & Events in Mount Emei

“Thousands of Lights are for Samantabhadra”

It is a very large-scale Buddhist event. Respected Old Master stands at main altar, sing incense song, Compassion, ten small curse, Heart Sutra, and Samantabhadra vows goods, start Foji, light a lantern, walk around the Buddha and back to it. Meanwhile, according to the requirements of believers, they will also hold some events like Pufo, Yankou, Gongtian, Daqi and other large-scale Shui-Lu rites.
Time: the first day, 15th day of the month, or Buddhist’s birthday

Emei Pilgrimage Event

Each year, Pilgrimage Event contains worshiping Buddha and sightseeing, also some Senior Monks are invited to hold rites, fair, consecration, pilgrimage activities and wish activities.
Time: in May of each year, lasting for about 7 days