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Shopping in Mt. Emei

Shopping in Mount Emei

Consumption Suggestions

Tourists do not have to pay much money to travel Mount Emei, RMB 500 (no shopping, only climbing the mountain and sightseeing) for Backpacker if they go there for 3 days and 2 nights, starting from Chengdu. Or if You want to travel more comfortable, RMB 1000 per person is enough without tour-guide and private driver.

Buddhist Consecrated Souvenir and craftsmanship

Consecrated souvenir includes Samantabhadra Golden Buddha, Samantabhadra Riding Elephant Buddha, beads, amulets, security card, pendant, etc. Plus, craftsman use the raw materials of animals and plants in Mount Emei, to make all kinds of local craftsmanship, like
Watkins wood, sticks, monkey craftsmanship and so on. You can buy some as souvenir on the way climbing the mountain.
The specialty in Mount Emei contains tea, Chinese traditional medicine, local specialty, Buddhist Consecrated souvenir and craftsmanship. If you travel to Mount Emei, you can miss both the natural local specialty and traditional craftsmanship with strong cultural feeling.


Mount Emei Tea has been very famous since Jin Dynasty. Before the founding of PRC, the Monk Qingguan of Mount Emei used the fresh tea of Dragon Cave, and made famous “E’Rui”(a kind of tea in Emei) by the tea processing method in Hangzhou. This kind of tea is characteristic of tight leaves and flower-like bud, so it is called “E’Rui”.
After PRC, the Monk Juekong of Wannian Temple created a new king of tea with the characteristic of “flat, smooth, straight, sharp”. General Chen Yi praised it after having a taste, and he named it as “Green Bamboo Leaf”because the shape is really like bamboo leaf. You can buy it in Tourist Shopping Mall (located at the main road of Emei scenic spot), tea stalls in scenic spot, shopping mall in downtown or in tea shop. If you visit Mount Emei in spring, you can not miss the new tea.

Chinese traditional medicine and local specialty

Since ancient time Mount Emei is called “God Mountain and Medicine Paradise”, owning various medical plants and animals, and most of the medical plants are the rare and valuable medicine in China. If you want, you can buy it in Chinese medicine stalls in scenic spot or in pharmacy of downtown. And, there are many dealers at roadside selling mainly gastrodia elata and cynomorium. Tourists who want to buy some should be careful if it is genuine or sham. They should also haggle with the medicine dealers, because the price of wild gastrodia elata is different from planted gastrodia elata. If you are not familiar with it, you’d better not but it there.


Representative: bamboo shoot and snow konjac