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Jiuzhaigou Customs, Travel Tips for Jiuzhai Valley

Jiuzhai Valley(Jiuzhaigou National Park) Contents

Welcome to Jiuzhaigou, Welcome to Sertar and Larung Gar, please check out the travel tips for Jiuzhai Valley.

Travel Tips for Jiuzhaigou

● Tibetan people never ever eat donkey meat, horse meat and dog meat, some areas are also forbidden to eat fish;
● In formal occasion to make a toast, the guest should use his ring finger to dip a drop of wine to pop into air for three times, to worship Heaven, Earth, and ancestor, then he should sip a little wine. The host will refill the guest’s cup, the guest should sip wine for three times till the fourth time, the guest should drink all of the wine in his cup to show respect;
● While drinking melted butter tea, the guest should wait for the host hand over the tea to the front of the guest, then the guest can accept the bowl to drink tea;
● If you happen to temples, Mani or Pagoda and other religious architecture while walking, you should walk around from the left side to right side;
● You cannot walk over Buddha tools or brazier;
● You cannot touch the head of Tibetan people.

The sunlight is very strong inside scenic spot, if you need to go out for a long time, please wear sunhat, smear sunscreen, to protect yours skin.