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Shopping in Jiuzhaigou

Shopping in Jiuzhaigou

There are not too many shopping centers in Jiuzhai valley(Jiuzhaigou) or Yellow Dragon Scenic Spot, but you still can buy the local Qiang embroidery, Maofen Apple and Tibetan craftsmanship like Tibetan ring, knives, and Buddha beads, etc. However, if you cannot distinguish genuine or sham, and quality, you’d better not buy or buy few of them.
There are also fritillaria, Chinese caterpillar fungus, musk and other valuable Chinese medicine. Pepper, fern, and fungus are also worthwhile to buy. Tibetan knives are very unique, but they are not allowed to consign for shipment at the airport. Tibetan accessories are delicate and beautiful, inexpensive, so you can bargain with the owner. Pay attention to the quality, and bargain with them bravely.

Qiang Embroidery
Qiang embroidery is prevailing in Wenchuan and Maofen where Qiang people live. They usually use geometric pattern handling, with rough lines, vivid and full pictures, and distinctive ethnic characteristics.

Maofen Apple
Apples there are sweet and fragrant, especially for the brand of Golden Crown and Red Crown.

Horn Comb
Combing hair with Horn Comb does not cause static electricity, and also can so massage to scalp. It usually cost you 20 to 30 Yuan to buy a nice Horn Comb.
The genuine horn comb will not cause static electricity, and smells a little stink of ox horn under high temperature. Also the genuine horn comb feels more comfortable when touching it, heavier than plastic, and has blood color and texture; but fake horn comb does not have features above, so you should be more careful to choose.

Tibetan Knives
Tibetan knives are divided into three kinds: long knife, short knife, and small knife, the longest one for over 1 M, and the shortest for only several CM. Tibetan knives are steel-forged, the flank is bare and the blade is sharp. The knife hilt is made of ox horn or wood, decorated with silk, bronze or copper wire. At the top of the hilt, it is decorated with bronze, copper, or even silk accessories. Scabbard is also very delicate, craved with name, animals, or flowers and other pictures, or even embedded with gems or jewelry. The price varies several Yuan from hundreds of Yuan.
However, Tibetan knives are control tools, so they are not allowed to carry or consign for shipment by air or bus. Thus, the only method is to post them,but you need to ask clearly the owners if they can post knives for you, because you cannot post knives all by yourself in post office.

There are many jewelry with unique Tibetan characteristics, like jade, Maoyan, crystal and turquoise, jade, coral, sky eye stone, etc. But there are many fake goods among them, so you need to be careful to choose them.

Shopping Centers
Tourists can go shopping at Pengfeng Village, Bianbian Street outside the valley, or in Jiuzhai valley(Jiuzhaigou) National Cultural Village in Shuzheng Village or Nuorilang Tourists Service Center inside the valley.