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4-Day Hiking Jiuzhaigou & Huanglong Tour


Discover a masterpiece of nature!

A masterpiece of nature, Sichuan’s Jiuzhaigou is a magical fairyland of gem-colored pools, rushing waterfalls and dramatic landscapes. This four day tour takes in the best of the Jiuzhaigou and Huanglong scenic areas. Hike through the forests, waterfalls and crystal clear blue pools of Rize, Shuzheng and Zechawa Valleys and marvel at the stunning natural beauty and geographic wonders they present.

Minimum adult travelers: 1


Day 1 Jiuzhaigou arrival

Your guide will meet you on arrival at the Jiuzhaigou Jiu Huang Airport (look for him or her holding a ATC sign) and transfer you to your hotel close to the entrance of Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area.

Optional tour:

There may be a Tibetan culture show in town—if you are interested, you can ask your guide who will help you arrange to see it (cost not included).

Overnight stay in Jiuzhaigou Gesang Hotel or similar.

Day 2 Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhaigou: Rize Valley

You’ll meet your guide in the hotel lobby and go together to the entrance of Jiuzhaigou Park. Once inside you’ll take an eco-friendly bus to the far end of the Rize Valley and the Primeval Forest, a stretch of virgin forest filled with untamed flora and fauna. From here you’ll hike back through the valley stopping to marvel at the visual wonders of Swan Lake, Grass Lake, Jianzhu Lake, Panda Lake and Pearl Beach, finishing up at Nuorilang Tourist Center by the magnificent Nuorilang Falls.

The hike is a total of 25 km (15.5 mi) but you can also choose to take the bus between any sections if your legs are feeling weary. From Nuorilang you’ll hop on an eco-friendly bus to return to your hotel.

Overnight stay in Jiuzhaigou Gesang Hotel or similar.

Day 3 Jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhaigou: Zechawa & Shuzheng Valley

Today, you will travel by bus to Long Lake, which is nestled in the highest point of Zechawa Valley offering stunning views of the magnificent scenery. You’ll then spend about two hours working your way back down through the forest and past the vivid pools, lakes and gurgling streams to Nuorilang Tourist Center.

The next stop is Shuzheng Valley where you’ll set out to hike Pearl Beach (about 17 km or 10.5 mi, 4 hours). On the way you’ll pass rushing Nuorilang Falls and Nuorilang Lake, Sleeping Dragon Lake with its dragon-like rock formations sitting serenely below the sparkling waters and the reed covered marsh of Reed Lake.

Your guide will meet you at Pearl Beach and accompany you back to your hotel.

Overnight stay in Jiuzhaigou Gesang Hotel or similar.

Day 4 Huanglong & airport drop-off

Huanglong National Park

You’ll set out for Huanglong National Park early in the morning. On arrival you’ll walk about 5 km (3.1 mi) up to its highest point—the perfect spot from which to view the region’s astonishing geographical features, including vivid, multi-hued blue pools scattered across the landscape.

You’ll return to meet your guide who will transfer you to the airport to take an afternoon flight to your next destination.