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Huanglong Scenic Area(Yellow Dragon Valley)

Huanglong Scenic Area(Yellow Dragon Valley)

Welcome to Huanglong Scenic Area(Yellow Dragon Valley), here you can find introduction of Huanglong Scenic Area.

Huanglong Scenic Area(Yellow Dragon Valley)

Huanglong Scenic Area is located at the foot of Mount. Xuebaoding, the main peak of Min Mountain. It is a south-north travertine ridge, its terrain like a huge jumping dragon lying in the hug of crystal glaciers of snow-mountains. Huanglong Scenic Area is about 7.5 KM long, and about 1.5 KM wide. Walking up the steps from the mouth of the valley, you can see the winding Yellow Dragon, countless shoals and waterfalls fall down the valley like the dragon is playing water; you can see colorful azaleas, red maple tree leaves, golden Maomin, combined with colorful lakes, which is really beautiful. The main sites in Huanglong Scenic Area include: Yingbing Pool, Waterfall, Body Wash Cave, Golden Sand Sight, Penjing Pool, Mirror Reflection Pool, Zhengyan Pool, Yellow Dragon Cave, Five Color Lake, Turning Flower Lake, and Yellow Dragon Old Temple, etc.

Address: Songpan County, Aba Tibetan Prefecture, Sichuan Province
Cost: Peak Season (from April 1 to November 15) 200 Yuan; Off Season (November 16 to March 31) 80 Yuan
Cable car cost: cable-way upward 80 Yuan, downward 40 Yuan
Opening Time: 8: 00–18: 00
Contact of Administrative Management: 0837-7249196
Transportation: it is very convenient to go to Huanglong by chartering a car from Jiuzhai valley(Jiuzhaigou) or airport, about 2.5 hours from Jiuzhai valley(Jiuzhaigou) to Huanglong, about 1 hour from Huanglong to airport. It costs 400 Yuan per car of round trip if you want to charter a car from Jiuzhai valley(Jiuzhaigou) to Huanglong.
There are two bus shifts from Jiuzhai valley(Jiuzhaigou) to Huanglong, at 6: 30 and 7: 00, and you’d better buy your tickets one day in advance.
Huanglong is also the geology of calcification, so the scenery is totally different from Jiuzhai valley(Jiuzhaigou)—-on both sides there are mountains and forests, huge snow-mountains in the long distance, and colorful lakes in the middle.

Tips for Huanglong
● We suggest that you visit Yellow Dragon VAlley early, because a great number of tourists of agency will arrive at there in the afternoon.
● We suggest that you take one-way cable car up to the top of Huanglong Valley, then walk down. You walk down 3 KM to Five Color Lake, then along plank bridge walking about 4 KM down the mountain to the door of scenic spot. It will take you about 5 to 6 hours to finish your trip there, and the scenery is very charming (but you cannot enjoy it if you take cable car down, that why we suggest cable car up then walk down).
● It is about 2. 5 to 3 hours to take bus from Yellow Dragon to Jiuzhai valley(Jiuzhaigou).

Five Color Lake of Yellow Dragon Valley
There are 693 Color Lakes, which i s the biggest Color Lakes Group in Yellow Dragon Valley, as well as the “eye” of Yellow Dragon and the core sight in the scenic spot. If you see from long distance, you will find color lakes like jade plates, which is really spectacular. “Jade Plate” will change its color under the sunlight. In winter, the whole Yellow Dragon is in a snow world, except these color lakes. At the highest altitude, these color lakes are still as green as jade, like emerald scattered in the valley by God, which is regarded as “Human World Jade Pool”.
Yellow Dragon Cable Car Round Trip: 120 Yuan per person (cable-way upward for 80 Yuan, and downward for 40 Yuan), if you are in good physical condition, you’d better walk to visit, because you can enjoy more beautiful scenery along the way.

The scenery in Yellow Dragon Valley is totally different, worthwhile to visit.