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Things to Do in Jiuzhai Valley

Jiuzhai Valley(Jiuzhaigou National Park) Contents

Welcome to Jiuzhai Valley, here you can find some of our special recommendations and things to do in Jiuzhaigou.

Things to Do in Jiuzhai Valley

Walk to Laohuzui in Jiuzhai Valley
Laohuzui is the best lookout for overlooking Wuhua Lake, but due to inconvenient transportation, only few tourists pay a visit there. Tourists should climb from Panda Lake (details on page 6), pass through a difficult section and arrive at Laohuzui. However, in order to enjoy the beautiful scenery, it’s worthwhile for those difficulties.

Enjoy the waterfalls
The beauty of Jiuzhai valley(Jiuzhaigou) lies on water, and various lakes are exactly waterfall groups, mainly for Nuorilang Waterfall (details on page 5), Shuzheng Waterfall (details on page 5), and Pearl Beach Waterfall (details on page 7). Water quietly flows out from cliffs full of trees or rock beach. They are divided into various rays of streams, some flowing slowly, some flowing swiftly, which is very attractive.

Zharu Valley treks
The main hiking route is a spectacular three day hike around the 4,528m tall Zha Yi Zha Ga Sacred Mountain. If that proves too difficult or does not fit into your time schedule, shorter, tailor-made one and two-day hikes are also available in the Zharu and Qu Nae Valleys. It is not possible to hike without a guide and guests will be assigned a guide before entering the national park.
Although home to spectacular scenery, Zharu and Qu Nae’s principal appeal are their rich biodiversity, which until now has been undiscovered by the many tourists who explore the other valleys of the park. Thus the diverse and pristine environment, a rare treasure of China, lays untouched and awaiting exploration.
There is a minimum of five people required for all over-night hikes.

Nightlife: Zang Mi Tibetan Music and Dance Show
There are not so many Nightlife activities in Jiuzhai valley(Jiuzhaigou), usually including cabaret evenings shows, roasted whole lamb and campfire.
Zang Mi Tibetan Music and Dance Show is worth to have a look. Zang Mi Tibetan Music and Dance Show is a large-scale original Tibetan song and dance music, produced by Chief Rongzhong Erjia, Yang Liping served as general director of the program, and artistic director. Zang Mi Tibetan Music and Dance Show is based on the experience of an old Tibetan woman on her pilgrimage way, and contains different songs, dances and instrument music from different Tibetan areas. All these display Tibetan people’s daily life, customs and religious ceremony by scenes. All performances originally present Tibetan culture.
Address: Jiuzhai valley(Jiuzhaigou) Tibetan Music and Dance Theater
Cost: 150 Yuan per person
Time: 19:30

Songpan Horse Riding
In many tourists’ tour plan in Jiuzhai valley(Jiuzhaigou), Songpan is just only a transfer station, but Songpan Horse Riding has been very famous among foreign tourists because of propaganda and introduction in Lonely Planet. On North Street in Songpan, you can find “Happy Little Lu Horse Tour Team” and “Shunjiang Horse Tour Team”, but actually they are from the same agency. Usually Horse guide will offer one to one service for tourists. The guide selects a horse for his tourist and himself respectively. The horse carries food, tent, blanket, and other camping equipment. They also prepare Tibetan coat and raincoat in order to prevent coldness. All tourists need to do is to ride the horse and enjoy the beautiful scenery, but the guide should put up the tent, cook, feed the horse and do other jobs.
Cost: 150 Yuan per person a day, plus 100 Yuan if tourists want to stay for one day more (including picnic fee and camping fee)

Have a look in Qizanggou Valley if you still have time
Located at northern Chuanzhu Temple Town, Qizanggou is at back mountain of Huanglong Scenic Spot and Jiuzhai valley(Jiuzhaigou) Scenic Spot. Its beauty was originated from original and serene scenery along the way, which has never been developed by others. There are prosperous grass and trees, huge mountains, gurgling streams, but few people there. Qizanggou consists of Kakagou, A’weng’gou and Hongxing’gou.

Don’t miss the Tibetan Wedding when you are invited
If you meet into a Tibetan wedding and you are invited by them, you can not only experience the local hospitalization, and drink, sing, dance with them, but also you can enjoy the local Tibetan delicious food. This must be unique experience.