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Practical Information of Jiuzhaigou

Practical Information of Jiuzhaigou

Local people in Jiuzhai valley(Jiuzhaigou) mainly speak Tibetan, but most young people can speak Chinese and English due to the development of tourism.

Near Jiuzhai valley(Jiuzhaigou) Scenic Spot there are Agricultural Bank of China, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank and the China Postal Savings.

Post Office
There are many post offices in Jiuzhai valley(Jiuzhaigou), and it is very convenient to enjoy post service.

Tel Numbers
Jiuzhai valley(Jiuzhaigou) Scenic Spot Tel: 0837-7739753
Jiuzhai valley(Jiuzhaigou) Scenic Spot Complaint Tel: 0837-7739309
Aba Prefecture Tourism Complaint Tel: 0837-96927 (on 24 hours)
Sichuan Tourism General Law Enforcement Team: 028-86657308
Jiuzhai valley(Jiuzhaigou) Tourism Ltd. (including sightseeing car service inside scenic spot): 0837- 7766016
Jiuzhai valley(Jiuzhaigou) County Tourism Bureau: 0837-7732483
Wenchuan County Tourism Bureau: 0837-6222729
Mao County Tourism Bureau: 0837-7422187
Songpan County Tourism Bureau: 0837-7232339
Hongyuan County Tourism Bureau; 0837-2662013
Ruoergai County Tourism Bureau: 0837-2298081
Jinchuan County Tourism Bureau: 0837-2523587
Police: 110
Fire Police 119
Emergence Center: 120
Traffic Accident: 122
Police SMS System: 12110
Weather Forecast: 12121
Red Cross First Aid Station: 999

It is very convenient to get access to internet in Jiuzhai valley(Jiuzhaigou), because hotels or internet bars can offer internet service. At some lobbies of hotels you can enjoy WIFI service

Pengfeng Village Cooperation Medical Station
Address: in Jiuzhai valley(Jiuzhaigou) County of Aba Tibetan and Qiang Prefecture in Sichuan Province
Contact: 0837-8896980