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Festivals & Events in Jiuzhaigou

Festivals & Events in Jiuzhaigou

Tibetan New Year

Tibetan New Year is New Year Festival of Tibetan people according to Tibetan calendar, similar to New Year in lunar calendar of Han People. On the first day of January in lunar calendar, when rooster crows for the first time, housewives will get up and go to carry “new water” (it’s said that the water is from Heaven to cure all diseases of human). As long as people who drink new water will be healthy and live forever. All husbands in the whole village will go to God Mountain to pilgrimage.
Time: January 1 in Tibetan calendar

Mazi Festival

Mazi Festival is the religious festival of Zharu Temple. During three days before the festival, all lama of the temple need to gather in the yard to eat only vegetables, chant and rehearsal the performance. On the day of festival, Tibetan people from Songpan, Ruoergai, Baozuo, Dalu, Tazang, and Longkang surrounding Jiuzhai valley(Jiuzhaigou) dress up, gather together in Zharu Temple, celebrate the festival, present Hada, and enjoy Tibetan plays. Then they go to riverside of Emerald River or in pine woods, sit on the ground, make a toast and strengthen their friendship. Young couple will go on a date in deep woods.
Address: Zharu Temple in Jiuzhai valley(Jiuzhaigou) County in Aba Tibetan Qiang Prefecture in Sichuan Province
Time: May 15 in lunar calendar
Zhachong Festival
Zhachong Festival is a trading festival developed from the religious activity. “Zha” means “china”, and “Chong” means “market”. Thus, it is a fair with trading china as its main market.
Address: Aba County
Time: May 20 in lunar calendar

Yellow Dragon Temple Fair

It is said that June 15 in lunar calendar is the day of Yellow Dragon being immortal, so later people will hold a big temple fair. People nearby will bring cookers and tents to join in the fair. On the fair there are Tibetan plays, ethical songs, wrestling and shooting arrows by young people. June 15 is the climax of festivals, where people sing songs, and dance till the dawn of next day.
Address: Yellow Dragon Temple
Time: June 12 to June 15 in lunar calendar