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Clothing Tips & Weather Jiuzhai Valley

Jiuzhai Valley(Jiuzhaigou National Park) Contents

Welcome to Jiuzhai Valley, What’s the weather in Jiuzhai Valley like, what to wear when traveling in Jiuzhaigou?

Clothing Tips & Climate of Jiuzhai Valley

Jiuzhai valley is a place with a temperate climate. Average temperature is 20℃ in summer, and from 10 to 15℃ in autumn (October). So you should bring t-shorts, blouse and coat in summer, and fleece, windproof coat in autumn, but jacket is the best. In winter you should bring thick cotton-padded jacket.

Jiuzhai Valley has a subtropical to temperate monsoon climate. Valleys are warm and dry, the middle mountain slopes cold and damp. At Nuo Ri Lang Waterfall & visitor centre at an altitude of 2,400m (7,875 feet) the mean temperature is 7.3ºC, the mean January temperature is -3.7ºC and the mean July temperature is 16.8ºC. Although the official temperatures are not too high, summer temeratures often reach 30ºC.